June 8, 2021

7 Ways I am using Mercury Retrograde to make Improvements. {May 30 to June 23}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Mercury has been in retrograde since May 29th and will continue until June 22nd, 2021.

In my experience, we feel the effects in the pre-shadow and post-shadow phases as well.

As the name suggests, when Mercury is in retrograde, the planet appears to be traveling backward in the sky. Although it may look like the planet switches directions, it’s an illusion caused by Earth’s position in relation to Mercury.

According to various astrological practices, when a planet retrogrades (and they all do), we are influenced and feel the effects according to what that planet “rules.”

Every planet governs multiple aspects of our lives. Mercury, for example, is the planet that rules some of the following:

>> School and learning
>> Neighbor situations
>> Sibling and cousin relationships
>> Transport
>> Heightened Intuition
>> Writing
>> Gathering Information
>> Messages and Forms of Communication

That last bullet point is what I find causes many people to take caution when we know it’s coming. All forms of communication like, emails, contracts, letters, and telephone exchanges can be affected. In addition, I have seen electronics act up.

I have played in the energy quite a bit and learned some helpful tools to work with Mercury retrograde versus fighting it. It may have been the bogus contract I signed once with a brand strategist that was never completed, or the new iPhone I bought during a retrograde. It had to be replaced three times because the microphone didn’t work.

Whether you believe or practice astrology or not doesn’t matter from my perspective.

During this time, if we can be aware and inquire about what happens, we may be able to understand the connection for ourselves. We can all look back at the past few weeks and self-inquire on miscommunications, situations with neighbors, writing, journaling, technology, and the list goes on.

I have found myself curiously observing situations that I am guessing have been affected by Mercury in retrograde.

Here is what I have done so far, and may it inspire:

1. Neighbor Connections.

We have had a couple of situations with neighbors that could have caused a lot of anger. One particular, we noticed while doing yard work. As we lay fresh mulch in our backyard, we encountered angry bees. Our sweet Goldendoodle was stung once on her back, and my husband was stung three times (neck, lip, and arm), all in a few hours. These stings were aggressive; it wasn’t enough for them to warn and transform; we observed them continue attacking after their sting.

After making some neighborhood inquiry, we realized we were dealing with a furious bee collective that was irate due to a man-made beehive that went amiss. It would have been easy to be angry with the neighbor, but instead, I chose to help find a beekeeper and help him figure out how to help the bees and move them.

2. Communication and Electronics.

After signing with a brand strategist during a prior retrograde and seeing the contract terms unmet, I always make sure to begin and enter partnerships outside of a retrograde now. One of my current coaches is helping me review my electronics and technical equipment for a cleaner recording process. While we have had to put in some trial and error effort, the outcome has led to updates and brilliant results so that my videos are cleaner, clearer, and even my desk set up has improved with no cords (thank you, husband)!

3. Electronic Safety Check.

After having my identity stolen a while back, I use and love Identity Guard. They scan the dark web and notify me when they have found my information. Sure enough, at the start of Mercury in retrograde, I received a notice that my data was exposed. That caused me to do some research, and I found that many of my passwords were vulnerable. I went on a password-changing spree and turned on several two-step verifications that weren’t active prior.

4. My Phone.

To the point above, I have also been showing my phone a lot of love. I upgraded my screen protector to be blue light blocking, updated my contacts, cleaned up my text messages, and found a way to save money after reviewing my contract with my service provider. I also did some research on spam and got my number removed from several spam sites. The person who owned my phone number prior, some lady named Denise, must have had a hobby of opting into lists. I have been getting calls and texts from her since I added this number. That is all clear now! No more Denise calls!

5. Writing.

I have been making space to write every morning like it’s my job and loving it! I also have a Spiritual Mentorship Program, and every month we dive deeper into embodiment. Part of energy goals this month is to do Morning Pages by Julia Cameron. She is brilliant!

6. Intuition.

I do find it accurate that when Mercury is in retrograde, our intuition heightens. I have been hearing from clients that they are seeing more “signs from angels,” knowing things without knowing how, having intense dreams and astral travel experiences, and even seeing Spirit with the naked eye. I decided to use the energy by revamping the syllabus for my Intuition class. I am bringing in new tools and techniques that I haven’t taught before, and I am looking forward to seeing the results!

7. Travel Review.

When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s a great time to review any travel plans. We have a couple of trips coming up, and I am crossing all my t’s and dotting all of the i’s. I am researching insurance plans that cover anything pandemic/virus-related, organizing transportation once to our destination, and double-checking travel documents, dates, and terms. And while I am not doing any travel during this retrograde, I am always sure to have a backup plan if I do.

There are far too many things out there on what not to do when Mercury is in retrograde. Energy follows thought, and fear can weaken us (literally can weaken kidney chi, our life force). Let’s all stop should-ing on ourselves and focus on what to do instead.

If this inspires you to do something different, please do let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you! May the rest of Mercury Retrograde be learned and blissful for you!


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