June 21, 2021

Capricorn Full Moon: Honor the Father Archetype Within By Taking Inspired Action. {June 24}



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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

We are closing out an intense time of change, inner and outer transformation, deep emotional healing, and possible upheaval, otherwise known as eclipse season.

Eclipse season came in with a fury of activity, an expansive awareness into all we’ve been becoming over the course of this last year or so. It was an expedited process to get us moving and on the right path.

It could have felt intense at times, and beautifully expansive and spacious with infinite possibility at other times. With Mercury having also been retrograde during this time, we’ve gotten the chance to slow down, reflect, revisit, and review our lives and our modes of communication. We were given the opportunity to reevaluate what’s working for us and what’s ready to be let go of.

Emotions could have been a bit all over the place. From extreme, boundless joy to the depths of our own grief, anger, and triggers. Anxiety and overwhelm to the nervous system without means to move the energy in a healthy way could have caught us in its grip from time to time. And, we are continuously being made aware that no feeling state is permanent. Things will and do always change. And, eclipse season showed us just that. That perhaps even in the chaos of change, there is great beauty, and spaces where gratitude and love were and always are available to us. We just have to direct our attention to it. Choose our perception and the lens through which we are viewing life, ourselves, and others. That is our power. No matter what the external world looks like, moment to moment, we always get to choose how we are responding to it. And, even if and when we react from a place of emotional turmoil, may we be learning a deeper presence of compassionate awareness for the self always.

We are halfway through the year, with the summer solstice landing on or around June 21 depending on where you are, marking the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern hemisphere.

Just three days later, on June 24, we will have the full Strawberry Moon at 3 degrees of Capricorn, at 2:39 p.m. ET. This full moon, in the earthy, grounded, practical sign of the goat, is offering us a chance to come back to Earth, to what it is we are seeking to build and create moving forward.

Capricorn is associated with the archetype of the father. As Father’s Day landed on June 20, we all perhaps have been reflecting on the father energy, whether in the present sense or perhaps in the absence of such. As we grow into adulthood, we all develop an inner father within us, as well as an inner mother. We learn patterns of fathering and mothering ourselves from our own upbringing, and sometimes we have to learn new, kinder, more loving and supportive ways of doing so.

With the sun opposing the moon in Cancer, having just moved into Cancer on June 21, we are getting a dose of these two energies. Cancer rules the mother archetype. Together, we have both energies in conversation: the sun and the moon. How have we learned to parent our dreams and ideas? Are we tending to our ideas and dreams with too much authoritative energy and not enough ease, flow, and nourishment? Or perhaps, we are floating in the waters of creation and not giving our dreams enough tangible form.

Capricorn is the density of the material realm, the outer world. The discipline, the work, the structure, the physical manifestation of what we desire. Cancer is the emotional connection to our hearts. To our dreams. To our inner world. The flow of creation herself. The connection to the Mother, to the source of nourishment. The space through which we can allow our dreams and lives to flow through us as is.

But, we need structure to do so. Too much and we feel trapped, unable to breathe. Too little and there is no containment for the process, we feel adrift at sea, overwhelmed with ideas but little to no guidance of direction on the path forward. We need masculine and feminine energies in harmony.

Cancer energy is the feminine. The inspiration. The vision. The dream. Felt in the heart. Capricorn as the masculine counterpart asks, how will we get there? What tools do we need? What steps do we need to take?

We all have been feeling the pull. The pull toward the next dream. The next manifestation of our heart and soul’s desire. The desire to live a more authentically aligned life in our careers, our homes, our environments, our relationships, and in our connection to ourselves.

Eclipse season got things moving. Spiraling the energy off into infinite directions of possibility. This full moon is here to start taking the steps toward our dreams and inspired action. The father energy will be strong. And, there can always be excess with that energy or not enough. Only you will know what’s true for you.

We can look at each area of our lives and look at where we need more or less Capricorn energy (discipline, responsibility, structure, action, leadership) and where we need more or less Cancer energy (space, flow, ease, surrender, nourishment). This may differ day to day. The trick is not to judge the self for any imbalance. We can always reharmonize at any moment of awareness.

This moon is making a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, which has recently stationed retrograde on June 20 and will stay retrograde until October 18. This is a helpful aspect because Capricorn energy can feel oftentimes more restrictive, but with Jupiter in the mix, it’s balancing us out with more expansive energy. Jupiter helps us to stay open to possibility and not feel bogged down by limitations, which often Capricorn can remind us of, as it is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, responsibility, and restriction.

Jupiter in Pisces is the energy of our dreams. The ones that, perhaps, we are still learning are there. The desire to get reacquainted with our dreamworld. And to use the Capricorn energy to bring those dreams out into the light of the full moon and material realm to start the process of building. And, to be patient, as the goat reminds us to be, as we climb up this next mountain of our dreams and aspirations.

The trick with dreaming and creating is always to stay in that state of play as best we can, like we did when we were children. That is the potent space through which we can create such beauty, magic, and wonder. When we become too detail-oriented and worried about all the unknowns, our minds become heavy, closing down our hearts. We must continue to keep our hearts open, and gently, kindly, compassionately, lovingly provide the heart with inner safety and the security of words, affirmations, deep breaths, self-care, self-loving practices to remind our hearts that they are safe to open if and when they close out of fear.

Fear is an energy that closes down the heart. Love opens it again. This happens daily, moment to moment even. And we can always choose more compassion for the self who learned that having an open heart made them more vulnerable to pain and hurt.

To use the power of the inner father and inner mother in holy matrimony to remind the child within that they are loved unconditionally, that they are taken care of, that their dreams matter, that they matter. We are multidimensional beings learning how to be in a more loving and harmonious relationship to all parts of ourselves.

There is always risk in choosing something new and unknown. There may always even be fear when we are choosing a new adventure; whether in work, love, our home, or creative project. Perhaps, even, creativity does not ever have to be made separate from “the work.” Creativity is an inherent part of the work we do. Without it, our creations would be lackluster and dull.

So, with this full moon, don’t forget to do what lights you up. Keep tending to your inner creativity, your inner child’s joy, to your passions. That is where the physical manifestations will flow in effortlessly. Keep trusting yourself. And trusting yourself a little more. And more. Your heart is your most trustworthy compass. Keep aligning to your True North. It will always, always guide you home.

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