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June 30, 2021

Finding purpose through pleasure.

Did you know women have a part of their body designed purely for pleasure? According to Psychology Today, the clitoris has 7,000 nerve endings and has no other purpose than pleasure. Imagine that! The penis has roughly the same amount of nerve endings spread over a larger area and is a multi-purpose tool. So, it’s a fact that women are built for pleasure and have the tool for it! 
‘Pussy Power’ is a little-known and seldom-used gift of listening to our Pussy and what She is pulling us towards. This is about more than sex. It’s about connecting to the inner womanly wisdom of our Pussies, using pleasure as a compass in our lives and businesses.
We do this by embracing a different state of mind, approaching anything we do by using our Pussy Power and incorporating the Pleasure Principle.
When I first started to look at the idea that pleasure could be a guide, I felt indulgent, a bit naughty, and wondered if it was only about sex. Also, my rational mind was puzzled as to how I could use my Pussy to guide my business. Like, really?
In a class taught by Josh Pais, I learned how getting messy was safe, that all emotion is energy, and I could use it all productively. I learnt to change something bad into something useful, meaning nothing was lost. 
I applied this to other parts of my life. Like my Pussy. For so long, I had ignored my Pussy: the first part of my cycles felt useful and positive, and the second half, where I felt more tired and emotional, felt useless to my productivity – until I learnt this principle of messy being safe. Hanging out in the mess took me somewhere juicy, where there was more energy and perspective than I could have ever imagined. Instead of trying to get out of that place, I got comfortable hanging out in it, riding the emotional wave, which is energising and always evolving. 
This shift out of duality with my emotions – this is good, this is bad – was liberating! Many spiritual paths only focus on ‘love and light’ without honouring the shadows. This new freedom allowed me to explore areas I’d been ashamed of, to go into the mess without fear, curious to know myself. I learnt about allowing myself pleasure, whether it be through sex or self-nurturing. 
‘Permission’ for women is such a big deal, yet it’s something we can give ourselves! I never imagined my Pussy could be used to guide my life, rather than as just a sexual tool. This subject is rarely discussed with an open-minded perspective. My friends and I did start talking about what I call the Pleasure Principle and using it, and there’s been no looking back from this new satisfying way of using my Pussy since. 
I discovered the Pleasure Principle does connect to sex but is also about simple pleasures, like a warm bath, fresh air, a cosy fire, a hug, and knowing when to ask for help. Asking our Pussies what inspires them is simple and yet powerful in any situation.  
Are we afraid of pleasure? I realised I’d been overwhelmed by the idea of having so much pleasure in my life. Fear lives in our heads – if we say ‘eff you’ to fear and try something different, we learn that pleasure is potent when it comes to our lives and businesses. 
Finding pleasure in all we do opens us to more pleasure, adding a splash of joy to our perspectives and approaches.  
Women are natural caretakers. However, if we miss out on caring for ourselves first, we can sabotage ourselves. When we are in right relationship with ourselves and with pleasure, the more joy and energy we give, the more we receive. 
The Pleasure Principle is about: 
  • Filling our pleasure cups:  Like that saying, ‘You must fill your cup first before giving to others,’ when our cups overflow, we can help others fill theirs. 
  • Doing everything with pleasure: We should ask ourselves every day: How can we do this with the most pleasure? An example is playing music while cleaning the house, turning a chore into a dance party. 
When we do this with smaller things, it will influence larger things. We will be unapologetically ourselves, more vibrant, inspiring to be around, fully living our potential.
This feminine approach means no more hustle, struggle, or pushing to make it happen.
How can we bring pleasure into our lives? My pleasures are chocolate, laughter, sharing good food with people I love. Luxurious baths. My bed. Fresh teas and fragrant flowers.
You get the idea.
We can find what lights us up, what brings us joy, and bring more of that into our lives. When we start living by the Pleasure Principle and feeling into our Pussy Power, we will watch the possibilities unfold. 
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