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June 16, 2021

Give your working space a spring clean

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.

Tidying your space at home and at work can help so much with productivity. When working from home it can be really easy to procrastinate and think you need to clear the dishes and tidy up before you can really concentrate and focus on working.

Our minds can get so caught up in what else needs doing, making it harder to fall into a flow state and get things done for the day.

When you fall into a flow state you will feel more aligned with what you are doing and get things done much faster and more efficiently.

Here are some things you can do stop the procrastination and focus on your work:

  • Do a full spring clean every few months

At least every few months do a big clean of your work areas. Where you spend most of your time working. This will really help with productivity levels and keep your mind focussed.


  • Clear the clutter before you begin work for the day

On a daily basis before you start have a quick tidy round your space. This will help you to clear the clutter both around you and in your mind.

  • Do the dishes first thing and get it out of the way

If you find certain things trigger you when working from home, for example the dishes then do them first thing in the morning. Get them out of the way and so then you can just move on and focus on your work.

  • Separate your workspace and living space

If it is possible separate your work space from your living space. Even if it is a desk in the corner of the room. Make it specifically for working and so you can focus straight away when you get into work mode.

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