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June 21, 2021

Multiple Marriages; the New Wave.

Photo by Jeremy Wong on Pexels.

An overview of a “webbed marriage,” written by, myself. xoxo.

I feel so much love; that I’m gently crying as I write this… It’s a beautiful thing;

Which leads me into this discussion on marriage…

Why is it reserved for only one person?… In how many states?/ Countries? – Why?… Why make people compete for love, and only for one spot? … Seriously… Just, why?…..

Are we so controlling over what we as people THINK what love is, that we need to police other people’s love lives… and who they love? How is that love?… Love is a FEELING and a choice; not a thought…

Have we been taught about love all wrong?…
Let’s continue:

Wouldn’t supporting your love, and building a family together be true love? … Far beyond such social normaties and labels. To marry one person alone, would be absolutely phenomenal; and I would be happy with just one husband; …but it’s not fair to force this in society and to pit people against each other, and to push this social construct onto everyone.

… Did you know that you can get fined up to around $10,000 and be imprisoned; for multiple marriages? – That is absurd, and inhumane. Incarceration for loving more than one person, and wanting to share your life with them, is such a crime… that our law makers are willing to destroy people’s lives; making it illegal to marry more than one person.

Who made up these bogus laws? & Why…

Multiple loves isn’t greedy; it’s actually great way to love, and to learn about/support others.

I believe we need to stop penalizing people; for being in love.

As long as everyone is healthy, and happy; I guess that I’m just confused on what is so, ‘wrong,’ with having multiple partners…

It literally brings me to tears… often.

We allow, and idealize, same sex marriages, and gender identity fluidity, nowadays, in 2021. So why not multiple marriages?…

Let’s end the stigma of multiple loves. Stop comparing people’s flaws, and judging others;
just to fit into a box, that society created, or to simply please your parents…

We can all learn from each other.

Let’s unpack this baggage… together; and grow together, as humans.




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