June 29, 2021

The comment (bottom of image) is harsh, but True. But there’s a larger Truth, if you want to go Deeper. ⁠ ⁠

True. And. But. There’s a larger truth, if you want to go deeper. ⁠

I (don’t) love how we all reflexively seem to blame “media.”

“Media” is a general term like “food”—there’s healthy media, and bad-for-you media. Either way, know this: just about all media has been gutted by social media, by Big Tech. There’s a reason Elephant has few “competitors” left standing, and his name is monopoly: Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram etc, and Google, and Twitter, and Tiktok—they all push entertainment and fake news just as well as truth and community.


They don’t care about the content, unless “media” calls ’em out. They care about one thing. It ain’t love. It ain’t democracy. It ain’t truth, or community, or you, or your business. It’s not just money, but greed. Power. They are coming to get all of us. Please support the few indie media bulwarks left in this age of of monopoly: ⁠

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(we have nearly disappeared on Facebook, despite 15 million fans on 60 pages, thanks to their algorithm. Only your subscribing, and getting our newsletter, and opening and sharing it, will keep us alive and thriving. Do you want Elephant around? Act.).⁠

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Read 13 comments and reply

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