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July 31, 2021

Go from vicious to delicious.

We are going to explore from a body, heart and mind perspective what to expect at each phase of your cycle and then what happens to our cycles when we are around other women.

It’s all about how we can move from a vicious cycle to a delicious one!

Our cycles have seasons within them like a year does. As ever, the body reflects nature, and there are four main phases in each cycle of 29 and ½ days that correspond with the cycles of the moon.

Each phase brings with it a unique set of hormonal, physical, emotional and psychological gifts.

When we understand these cycles and eat, work, love and play according to our natural flow, we get better at working with our feminine power, rather than against it.

So, let’s talk about the first two phases of our cycles and how we may experience them in our bodies, hearts and minds. This may be familiar information for you, but we guarantee that you’ll find some juice in here that you can use to navigate your life in a Queenly way every month. After all, you plan for the weather, right?

Science name: Follicular Phase 

Season: Spring 

Feeling: Forward with Strength

We enter this cycle after menstruation.

In our bodies:

Energy levels are very high as we experience an abundance of stamina and physical strength during this dynamic phase. We’re basically Wonder Woman, golden lasso optional.

It’s a great time to undertake physically strenuous and challenging activities. Because we feel light and vibrant during this phase, we can support this vibrant and light experience in our bodies by feeding them foods that are vibrant and light. Think bowls of greens and vegetables, eaten raw or lightly sautéed.

In our hearts:

We experience an enhanced sense of confidence, social skills and an upbeat mood during this phase. We also have a deeper desire to engage and mingle in social settings. It’s a great time to schedule meetings, attend social gatherings, events and parties and try out new outings, date ideas and adventures with loved ones. This is the time to put on our tiaras, get out there and shine!

In our minds:

Our sense of power, creative energy and ability to take risks are at high levels during this phase. It’s a great idea to ride this cycle of high energy, clarity and focus to embark on new projects and ventures. At work, we can use the energy of this cycle to plan, strategize, research, learn new concepts and communicate them clearly and powerfully with our colleagues, team members and supervisors.

Science name: Ovulatory Phase 

Season: Summer

Feeling: Love and Self-Expression

In our bodies:

We enjoy a unique magnetism during the ovulatory phase, because biologically we are designed to attract mates in this phase. Our sex drives peak, and we continue to experience high energy with a desire to participate in group exercises and activities with others. (This applies to Sexy Time and non-Sexy Time.)

In our hearts:

Our magnetism extends to our love lives and social engagements as we are geared for first dates and other romantic activities. The high confidence and enhanced communication skills from the follicular phase continue. This is a great time to have intimate conversations with loved ones, and extend our empathy, compassion and support to those who need it, like the caring Queens we are.

In our minds:

This phase is high on creative, productive, inspiring energies. We find ourselves naturally cementing old relationships, building new ones and connecting the right people to each other, like Queens of Networking! Because the body is in creative mode, it’s a good time to create content, execute ideas (conceived during menstruation), embark on team projects and build a greater sense of community.

These cycles are so symbolic of the cycles of our lives and how to honour each phase for what it brings and appreciate its values, even as we age.

That is the deeper dive into the seasons of our cycles.

So how do we begin to honour and appreciate the different phases of our cycles?

The most important thing to focus on now is tracking our cycles (there are great apps for this) and booking our weeks around our cycles, as best as we can. We have 12 opportunities to execute on this, well, each year.

Next week, we’ll get into part 2 of this delicious journey on what to expect in our cycles and how to plan for an amazing month!

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