July 3, 2021

When your Heart has been Ripped Out, Repeat this Mantra.


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This is a mantra I find myself uttering silently on repeat:

“If I go there, I am not here. My presence is my power.”

When processing difficult emotions such as anxiety, loss, uncertainty, and pain, I find one is often drawn back to those traumas.

We relive them as a means for understanding and making sense of what happened, and that is a necessary part of healing.

But oftentimes, in doing so, we fall back into the past, sapping the joy of the present from the existence of Being. (Yes, capital “B.” This is a reference to the German philosopher Heidegger’s work on phenomenology and existentialism.)

It is my experience that if I go back there, then I am not fully present here. 

By focusing on being present, I feel I am empowering myself.

It gives me the distance to review past events with curiosity and conscious awareness rather than being engulfed in reliving the pain. I find more clarity in this process.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. 

Does this mantra resonate?


Read 6 Comments and Reply

Read 6 comments and reply

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