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July 22, 2021


Waking up to a Monday morning where you promised yourself over the weekend that you would start eating healthy as from Monday coming, or you will start to exercise a lot more as from Monday or you would make a change with one of your habits starting from Monday, but Monday comes along and guess what? same old thing happens again!

Good news alert! We no longer need to wait for Monday to come along to make any changes, you can start making changes for yourself anytime, right here, right now. In this moment!

Firstly, lets understand that life itself is always changing, this is just how evolution works. Things don’t stay the same, everything changes, people age, flowers go from blossoming then they wilt, water evaporates, even the largest mountain will eventually erode. It is called nature and within our miraculous events that we endeavour throughout nature, things are always changing.

Then of course we will become entrapped with many personal changes throughout our own life, growing up experiencing teenage life, the pressure of schooling and studies, coming out into the workforce, meeting friends, having relationships, getting married, health issues or coping with illnesses, having kids and it can go on and on. As you know it changes are happening all the time. Its just simply unavoidable.

Now we have an understanding about these unavoidable changes, we should understand that making any changes for our own personal self shouldn’t be hard to do at all, any bad habits or behavioural issues, or whatever it may be to get through your own life journey feeling freed. All you need to do for yourself to make these changes is to take action!

Once you take action with anything eventually it will also become a habitual pattern until of course changes come in again then you take more action to solve the problem, because remember, everything in life will be a problem if you believe it is a problem but if you know how to deal with all the changes that we will encounter within our life cycle, and believe me, we will always collide with mountains, then you will look at things differently and see things for how it is, learning to accept things for how it is no matter what, knowing within yourself that you are ready for any change, understanding that this is all part of our life process, these changes are here to remind us and teach us the true meaning to our lives and our life purpose.

So, my words to you all, “Salute to changes!”

Much Love, xxx.

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