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July 12, 2021


Wow, don’t you think its crazy how things change throughout our lifetime, well of course it’s obviously the part of natures course! And of course, it’s only natural that us being eternal souls in a physical body, eventually our shell will age and slowly deteriorate to its own death! This is the truth! So many of us fear the aging process and that’s not all, so many of us human doings, that’s right human doings try anything they can to slow down their aging process, even constantly changing the way they look instead of living their life cycle like a human being! That is right human being, that’s what we are instead of just living as humans and being we a living as humans and always doing!

The most amazing thing is how we are created in the embryotic sac from our mother’s womb, its mindboggling how we are created from this tiny little peanut, then after 38-40 weeks of gestation we know we are ready to come out and face this great big world, with no fear whatsoever, only with unconditional love and acceptance of who we are. When we are born everything is perfect even our own imperfections are perfect, our mothers and loved ones are perfect and the world around us is outstanding and most perfect! Honestly, being pure consciousness in a baby body with any form of deformity or imperfection we are a total bunch of love and joy for what we are, no baby in the world would complain about anything being wrong with them because truly nothing is wrong, they are content with being their true self, it’s the parents and family who believe that it shouldn’t be like this and that everything needs to be perfect.

We are who we are. It is what it is, but unfortunately, we grow up to believe that we must all look a certain way to feel good about ourselves, instead we really should take a step back and look deeper at ourselves to stop resisting your true self! Learning to just be yourself no matter how you look, acceptance of oneself is the most difficult thing for anyone of us to do, this is the most important thing in life and this is one of the biggest subjects to teach our children before they become brainwashed from all the social media, the so called bullshit that our kids, teenagers even adults look up too, this helps them to believe that we all need to look a particular way or no one will give us a job, or we will never find anyone to love us or we wont fit in with all our work and social peers. It is ridiculous!

We truly do not need to compete with anyone, this is not pure living, we need to remind ourselves that we are such a miracle to even have this experience of being here on earth no matter how long we are destined to be here, but for the time we are here please stop resisting your true self! There is no need to get Botox, no need for plastic surgery, no need for blowing out our booties, its ridiculous all the photoshops of our own pictures, OMG please! Also having all types of body procedures just to change your appearance believing that this is going to make us happy! This is bullshit! Its not going to make any of us happy! Happiness comes from within and if you can learn to accept yourself for how you are this will be the best achievement that we can ever encounter for ourselves and it doesn’t even cost anything, all it will cost is pure unconditional love to yourself, yes you remember you entered the world with it but you lost it along your way, find it and this will be the best investment for your true self! Learning to love yourself for the person you are deep down, this amazing soul of yours is happy just the way you are, natural with the imperfections is where beauty comes from.

Hey, ok I’m still learning also about all this but this is truth and we all must implement this for our own good, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, I would look so much better with fuller lips or nicer teeth, STOP! and feel from within the truth, look at yourself again and instead tell yourself that you are a breathing human just being as we all will grow older each day, we are all a miracle of life itself. You are the most precious form of being for the person you are today in this precious moment! There is one thing you do not want to be regretting on the last day of being on this earth and that is why? Why couldn’t I just accept myself for being the person I was brought here to be? Just think about it! I will say it again, “STOP RESISTING YOUR TRUE SELF” and start living your life as it is!

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