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July 10, 2021

Your cycle and the moon.

Lady Queens, we have the gift of a sacred cycle, connecting us to the moon. However, in modern-day living, especially in cities, we are often cut off from the rhythms of nature. 
There’s a drastic difference from being in the city, experiencing the push and pull of life around millions of people, versus being in a place of ease, around nature. Energetically, we receive so much stimulation that it almost becomes an anxiety around our bodies, and so our cycles get thrown off. When we become aware, we can self-soothe by spending time in nature or even just opening the windows to allow fresh air and ease to flow in. 
Our cycles are still fully plugged into nature via the moon, whether we are paying attention or not; being in touch with the moon and Her cycle is key to connecting to our bodies and Queenly power. 
Even without menstruation, the moon and Her cycle still includes us. Our rhythms are still connected with the moon, so it’s vital to become aware of the subtle shifts through the month. 
Interestingly, studies show that peak rates of conception occur around the full moon. This is amazing if you think about it, as I am sure there are people having sexy time throughout the entire month! 
During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are decreased overall, and an increased number of women start their menstrual bleeding. Again, this is fascinating. I’m sure we’ve all noticed how we synchronise our moon time with ladies around us, even if we were out of sync to start off with.  
Scientific research shows that the moon rules the flow of fluids (ocean tides as well as individual body fluids) and affects our unconscious mind and dreams.
The moon interacts with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies, as well as affecting our internal physiological processes. I was told by a nurse who worked in a Psych Ward that people who were heavily medicated would still have a strong response whenever the full moon came around. Another friend told me the same applies to nursing homes as well – residents who were normally calm would sleepwalk or do all sorts of things.
In fact, the word lunatic means ‘affected with periodic insanity dependent on the changes of the moon’. This is where the legend of the werewolf comes from – I even have a friend who refers to her period as Wolf Time! 
The timing of our menstrual cycles, our fertility cycles, and even when we go into labour follows the moon. 
Environmental cues such as light, the moon, and the tides play a documented role in regulating our cycles. Did you know that women are more sensitive to light? In one study of nearly two thousand women with irregular menstrual cycles, more than half of them achieved regular menstrual cycles of twenty-nine days’ length by sleeping with a light on near their beds during the three days around ovulation.
Lightness and dark affect us as women – and the moon mirrors that as She is affected by light and dark, the light from the moon being a reflection itself. The moon has a period when She is covered with darkness, and then slowly She becomes visible and shows Her face to us again, gradually waxing to fullness.
We women also go through a period of darkness each month, when the life force may seem to disappear or decrease for a while. 
Lady Queens, there is nothing to fear or overthink if our energies and moods naturally ebb for a few days each month. Learning how and when these things happen and how to use each phase constructively is life-changing. Think of it as our witchy time, when we can make magic happen.
Figuring out how to build in time when we feel we have none can be daunting in our western-based way of living. In many eastern traditions, in parts of India, and in certain Roma cultures, it’s perfectly acceptable for women to slow down or go into retreat during their periods. Unfortunately, we’re unaccustomed to taking that time yet and view it as a luxury rather than something that we can benefit from building into our lifestyles and businesses.
Learning how to do this and being present with our bodies and cycles is important; stress-related disease, ranging from PMS to osteoporosis, lessens a great deal if we simply follow our body’s juicy wisdom each month.
The menstrual cycle governs the flow of the obvious fluids and also of information processing and creative expression. We receive and process information differently during each part of our cycles. And this is the key and the power to using our cycle productively, honouring it and even bringing pleasure to it at every phase.
Next week, we’ll go into the different phases and how we can use them in the most magical way to flow through our cycles and lives with ease and grace every month.
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