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August 20, 2021

3 Ways to Ecstatic Shamanism, Female Sexuality and Chakra Balancing: The Heart Chakra and Modern Dating.

On this particular voyage into the unknown of female sexuality,I’ll ask you to consider things which may seem unconnected.

I’d like you to consider pleasure as it relates to spiritual experience.

Ceremony is an art form. If you’re reading this article, you probably already have an idea about the ecstasy of the human experience. Sex, from an energy POV, is ceremony. There is a process, an exchange of energy and usually a sense of completion.

Ecstasy lives in all of us. Women in particular. Women have 8,000 nerve endings in their clitoris. Men have 4, 000.

If you look at the body from a shamanic point of view, we see that our body is a machine like a car. We, or our soul, or awareness, is the driver.

The North American desert spanning a staggering 2,000,000 square kilometers is 3 times the size of France. In a place so big, boulders, hills and crags take on red, brown, golden orange, grey and black waving in and out of each other depending on the sun’s position. Mile long vertical lines of sandstone, zig-zag down skyscraper sized rock formations.

Surreal is the only word to describe such distinct and imaginative structures. These same structures live inside and connect our energetic body to our physical body via connective tissue called Fascia.

The earth is very important to our energetic body. Sexually our Pelvic floor is connected to the earth via our Root chakra.

Just as you see in the desert, straight horizontal parallel lines separating the rock. Parallel lines rotate in our chakras, and vertical lines run in rivers up or down to the next energy center.

We often don’t notice, the earth is our greatest energy source, besides the sun.

If we are having sex with someone, the next energy center is the body of the other person. Our sexual center or Root chakra connects to the other person as we would to the earth. Particularly for the divine feminine as our sexual energy center is receptive. Ancient shamans of Mexico stated it was a perceiver like a sense organ. They called it Perception of the Womb.

Of course our pelvic floor has to be healthy for us to connect and have an orgasm.

When women have an orgasm and those 8,000 nerve endings are fired up, energy is created. We feel it as ecstasy. The energy can move up or down or both. It can move up into our Sacral chakra and we process it as emotion. If there’s an open channel between our Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras and we feel that energy as emotion regarding ourselves and the other person. The energy moves even higher and we feel that ecstacy in our Heart chakra. We feel love.

When I have an orgasm I notice I move my pelvic floor up and that moves my entire vagina forward. Moving my pelvic floor up engages both my Root and Sacral chakras. That motion engages my Solar plexus, pushing my upper ribs, chest and Heart chakra open.

From an energy POV, having sex would inspire love if the abdominal chakras are communicating with each other.

What happens when we have sex with someone and they are emotionally unavailable?

Perhaps our mother swallowed her feelings, while our father remained emotionally distant. And when we fall in love, we swallow our needs and put the needs of others in their place.

Brene Brown says, ‘love cannot exist without intimacy.’ Intimacy requires us to be honest with ourselves about our own feelings. And what our needs are in a particular situation.

Our hearts know what we need.

I work as an Intuitive Guide and one message which comes through is that our heart is a cosmic energy center.

If I engage my pelvic floor and Root to the earth, simultaneously spinning my Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart chakras up I come into unconditional love. Love is love. ‘A rose is a rose is a rose.’

Here, in unconditional love I have compassion for myself and allow myself my romantic feelings. We are connected to love via the earth. We hang onto our power.

If we are engaged with someone sexually who doesn’t have movement in his/her lower chakras, we may be on our own in a heart space. Here we need to discriminate if the person is temporarily blocked or emotionally unavailable.

If a person is emotionally unavailable, always looking for something better than ourselves, we leave.

In a world of Ghosting, text break-ups and stalking, it’s esy to become desensitized to our feelings.

Energy is more than 3 dimensional, so perhaps our feelings may not manifest in a trusting, loving relationship. Regardless of the energy felt by others, it’s important we continue to have feelings.

Here are 4 ways to use ecstatic shamanism to center your energetic body while dating:

  1. While alone pull in your pelvic floor. Allow this engagement to straighten your spine. Feel how this opens your Sacral chakra in your back. While the Sacral chakra is beginning to spin, process the emotions you are feeling. If you need to cry, cry. Emotion lasts about 20 minutes. Identify what emotions you are feeling, anger, sadness, grief, love. Allow yourself to feel them.
  2. Ground your Root chakra to the Earth. Sit down crisscross or Lotus position. Arch your lower back or Lumbar region forward, opening the hip bones and labium to the ground. Breathe deeply into that opened hip. As you inhale, open further, connecting down. As you exhale engage your abdomen and pull the energy into your lower abdomen. Take a moment to feel the steadiness of this energetic connection. Notice and play with the idea that the love connection is just you and the Earth right now. Write down all the ways the Earth loves you. Write down ways in which you love the Earth.
  3. Go outside under the night sky and try to imagine that there are at least 10 billion trillion stars in our universe (if our galaxy is any recommendation for other galaxies). All these stars are connected to our hearts. We could imagine that both the dark space between and the light of all these stars exists inside our singular heart. Take a deep breath and allow that notion to resonate inside for a moment. Pay special attention to how your heart feels in that resonance.  If you just want to feel the energy in your Heart chakra, do that.
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