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August 27, 2021

Astrologically Grounded Guidance For Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse To Deepen Feelings of Self Abundance During the New Moon in Taurus. (May 11th, 2021)

The New Moon in Taurus on May 11th, 2021 will be an energetically pivotal portal for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to deepen feelings of self abundance. The Taurus astrological energy emanates a sense of self abundance that is embedded in its view of the world as a favorable and flourishing place. Whereby, Taurus’s aptitude for prosperity, stems from imagining itself as a vast space for accumulating life’s overflowing wealth.

Taurus’s sense of self worth is rooted in the type of luxurious experience, which it desires to create. Hence, the Taurus astrological essence is akin to a master chef, who only gathers the finest ingredients to prepare a superb meal. Similarly, the New Moon in Taurus will inspire us to embrace our soul’s most abundant vision, in order to magnetize equally desirable experiences that align with creating that reality.

If one believes that we are made of the same cosmic energy that is in the stars, then the moon’s rotation around each zodiac constellation, strengthens our connectivity to the essence of each astrological energy. The moon impacts our internal emotional desires, subconscious instincts and influences how we satisfy our emotional urges. Thus, each new moon phase, in which both the sun and moon are both in the same zodiac constellation, intensifies our primal affinity towards desires that resonate with the emotional essence of each zodiac constellation.

One’s capacity to fulfill the changing emotional resonance of each zodiac lunar phase influences their emotional wellbeing. However, the loss of internal resourcefulness that a survivor may have experienced during their experience of childhood sexual abuse, typically results in behavior patterns that undermine one’s flexibility towards adaption. Rather, a survivor’s compensatory mechanisms may increase their resistance to appeasing their heightened subconscious emotional drives during the New Moon phase of each zodiac constellation.

Harmonizing with the emotional essence of each zodiac constellation during the New Moon phase can support survivors of childhood sexual abuse to remain grounded, compassionate and self aware, should their nervous system become overwhelmed by the discomfort of honoring their subconscious emotional needs.

Self healing efforts during the New Moon in Taurus will entail empowering one’s inner child to reclaim their capacity to trust in the creative process of one’s goals. However, Taurus’s emotional need for taking aligned action, may activate one’s inner child’s perception that they could have done more to ensure their desired protection from sexual abuse. A regret that may manifest as an increased fear of potential setbacks. Therefore, during the New Moon in Taurus, survivors may feel more tempted to fall back on their ‘plan B’ alternatives, rather than remaining steadfast in pursuing their most aligned aspirations.

Harmonizing with Taurus’s emotional essence  requires a recognition that one’s inner child is inadvertently, yet stubbornly, clinging to self defeating choices that compromise one’s desired experience of self abundance. Self healing practices during the New Moon in Taurus are focused on gently prying open the inner child’s uncompromising emotional stance, in order to release potentially self sabotaging choices. Below, are five of the common emotional triggers that survivors of childhood sexual abuse may experience during the New Moon in Taurus.

It is best to review this list before the moon enters the Taurus constellation at approximately 5:47 MST on May 9th, 2021, where it remains until 06:43 AM MST on May 12th, 2021. Survivors are encouraged to reflect upon the situations, relationships and interactions that are most likely to triggers these patterns. As this foresight can broaden one’s awareness during those triggering moments. Subsequently, enabling a person to connect more authentically to their inner child’s emotional needs, and shift any prior reaction of resisting one’s discomfort.

1.) A heightened fear of betrayal.

  • This pattern, may reflect the inner child’s misaligned expression of Taurus’s need for security. One’s diminished confidence in their capacity to protect themselves from abuse, may have created  a subconscious pattern of avoiding the potential  of betrayal, to feel safe.

2.) An increased tendency to worry about something ‘bad’ happening to oneself.

   •This pattern of worry, reflects the inner child’s original disembodiment from the sense of violation, which a survivor may have dissociated from during their experience of childhood sexual abuse. Whereby, one’s present day pattern of anticipating danger, offers their inner child a compensatory expression of Taurus’s emotional desire for self management.

3.) An increased tendency to blame oneself for unforeseen obstacles.

   •This pattern of instinctively blaming oneself for unpredictable mishaps, represents the inner child’s misdirected attempt to embody Taurus’s emotional need for responsibility. One’s inner child adapted to using punitiveness as a means to compensate their perceived complicity with one’s experience of childhood sexual abuse.

4.) An increased propensity towards co-dependency behaviors of seeking to control other people’s actions.

   •This compensatory behavior pattern stems from the inner child’s perception that unsanctioned behavior by others may present a threat to a survivor’s wellbeing, as it did during one’s initial experience of childhood sexual abuse.

5.) A increased likelihood to experience frustrated feelings of disbelief, humiliation and/or belittlement.

   •These emotions may stem from the inner child’s loss of dignity, which a survivor may have felt, as a result of feeling objectified during one’s experience of childhood sexual abuse.

Taurus embodies self abundance through it’s willingness to delay instant gratification in order to cultivate its most aligned version of prosperity. Below are a few self healing practices for transforming the underlying sense of self scarcity that may be triggered during the New Moon in Taurus.

1.) Inner Child Preening.

  •Looking at a picture of yourself as a young child, write down 5 or more admirable qualities that you can sense about how you were at that stage.

  •This activity draws upon the fact that the Taurus astrological energy, derives it’s relaxed sense of internal security from feeling connected to its own strengths.

2.) Boomerang Confidence.

  • Recall a person whom you feel judgmental of, and then recount 5 admirable qualities that you are able to recognize about this person, upon a deeper consideration of their aptitude.

  •How connected do you personally feel to these same traits and why? What would enable you to feel more embodied in these qualities?

  •Perceiving others as a threat may disconnect a person from internalizing Taurus’s quintessential quality of self sufficiency. 

3.) Collegial Connection.

  •Offer a genuine and thoughtful compliment or praise to as many loved ones, friends and/or colleagues.

  •Increasing the experience of collegiality through one’s generosity of spirit, helps to counteract the heightened perception of others as a threat to one’s success during the Taurus lunar phase .

4.) Clean and/or de-clutter your work, creative or learning space.

  •The Taurus astrological energy thrives on being in a calming environment. Creating tranquility aligns with Taurus’s emotional need for relaxation.

5.) Heart-Coherence Drumming.

  •This embodied meditation practice can help a person to generate heart coherence. The HeartMath Institute describes heart coherence as the synchronization of our heart rate to produce a reduction of stress signals being sent to the brain during emotionally uncomfortable experiences.

  •The following heart drumming practice generates an embodied connection to one’s heart center, whilst slowing down the pace of breathing. Complete the following heart drumming practice for 10 minutes at a time and as often as desired.

  •Laying on your back, place your dominant hand on your abdomen and your non-dominant hand on your chest area. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the third eye space, in-between your eye brows.

  •Inhale slowly into your abdominal area over 4 seconds, while simultaneously using your non-dominant hand to clap  your chest, to the same rhythm of 4 seconds.

  •Hold your breath (at the top of the inhale) for 4 seconds, while simultaneously continuing to clap your chest to the same rhythm of 4 seconds.

  •Exhale slowly over 4 seconds, while simultaneously continuing to clap your chest to the same 4 seconds rhythm.

  •Hold your breath (at the bottom of the exhale) for 4 seconds, while  continuing to clap your chest to the same 4 seconds rhythm.

  •Repeat this breathing pattern for a minimum of 5 minutes to enhance your heart coherence. 

The sense of desperation that survivors may feel during the New Moon in Taurus, is the result of one’s inner child’s loss of self efficacy during one’s initial experience of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors can empower themselves to feel worthy of their most abundant creative vision by embodying an enliven, generous and joyful expression of the Taurus astrological essence.



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