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August 1, 2021

Covid may not Kill us all, but Hate can.

Photo by FRANK MERIÑO on Pexels.

I’ve been sitting with the amount of SHAME and blame being tossed at people who chose not to vaccinate and it has me thinking.

I am considered a pro-choice woman. Which to me means, I get to choose what is best for my body and do not want the government to regulate my reproductive rights in anyway.

I have felt as a woman that I am somehow a murderer, or dumb, I have experienced shame because I believe in personal responsibility and my ability to regulate and govern my own body.

I find it Ironic that many of the people choosing not to vaccinate now because they don’t want the government regulating their body are the same people who want to regulate women’s vaginas.

It’s in that point that makes it easy for me to say I will not Shame or dehumanize people who choose not to vaccinate for whatever reason they choose, I will not call them murderers or dumb, because I am Pro-Choice which in essence means- I believe we all have the right to choose what’s best for our bodies. And F*ck me and the future of our reproductive rights if we don’t see that this issue is almost identical. We can’t be the double standard.

Now as I feel a few of you wanting to @ me right now that those not vaccinated are endangering other people’s lives with their choice I will say to you, it is your choice to mask, it is your choice to vaccinate, and it is your choice to
Protect your family in any way that you see fit. Shaming others for their choices will not move the marker. Hearing WHY and listening to them might.

We collectively need to lean in and hear each other. Shame and name calling will not stop this virus. And if I may say, Covid may not kill us all, but our hate can.

I chose to vaccinate. As did my husband. Our child is not yet eligible.

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