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August 27, 2021

Hail to the Queen.

Let’s talk about the first lady in our lives.
The first Lady in your life is YOU, and if we want to lift other women up, we need to begin by lifting ourselves. That can only happen if we are in our own bodies and present to what is around us and what we are desiring in each moment. 
It’s easy to listen to what others desire and think their desires are more important than ours.
Savannah: I have been the Queen of listening to others’ desires and supporting them. I love to lift and encourage others in living their dreams. But for many years I failed to realise that I was struggling to hear my own desires.
I was living from the reaction of what others needed rather than from a place of what I desired to create.  I am unsure I knew what I wanted to create. I had few real wants. Until I slowed down and started paying attention, listening properly and enquiring about what my hopes were and how I saw my life going. Then my sacred desires for my life, my body, and the pace at which I live started to become deliciously clear. 
In 2017, I read Pussy: A Reclamation, having already been on a journey for six years of exploring my sacred creative expression and figuring out what I desired and then taking the time to implement and open to creating my desires. 
The idea that part of my body could instruct me as to what came next blew my mind – in exactly the right way. 
My mind took a backseat, and my Pussy took over. She was wise, clever and had me walk down paths my head would have told me to avoid. Her wisdom saw my desires, dreams and hope come into being faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. 
Lady Queens, this is about going deeper into our juicy feminine power, listening to our sacred desires and honouring our feelings and emotions. From there, we develop the ability to follow the intuitive nudges that are subtle and often easy to ignore. This is truly about being the First Lady in your life.
We invite you to focus on your womb space, your heart and your head, really being present in your body. This is a complex listening and even if you are proficient at knowing how you feel or what your emotions are, this is a deeper and more profound process than you’ve ever had before. 
If you’ve already done a lot of spiritual work and work on feelings and emotions, I invite you to keep a child-like, curious mind, staying focused and open with this, as you connect deeper to your Pussy and your sacred Queenly powers. 
Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions: 
How much do you allow yourself to be honest, open and vulnerable with your emotions and share them with those around you? 
How much time do you take every day to review your emotional wellbeing (not just when the SHTF)?
How honest are you with yourself about what you truly desire? 
Teany: When I was growing up, I remember learning from my mother to ignore my desires. As much as I love her, she had what I called the ‘busyness’ syndrome, which unfortunately also gets approved by society since busy often equals success. 
Add in growing up poor, coming from a 3rd world country, not knowing English, and being a woman, and you have a recipe for an extremely hard-working woman who lost touch with her sacred desires. So naturally, I felt the way to be happy and successful in life was to feel less into my desires and think and do more to get what I wanted.  
Little did I know that it would lead to serious burnout in 2008. It was an intense mind/body/spirit experience I’ll never forget of being in pain in all the ways and being confused as to why. But when I started getting into holistic practices to recover – chiropractic and massage to reconnect to my body, meditation and being coached to come back to presence – I started to reconnect to my true sacred desires.
Dropping into my body, loving her, and being present with her has been quite a journey and aside from that major pivot point, I had a knowing that there was more to life than how we’re told to live. 
Lady Queen, we have a magic that is untapped – you can see it in our complex and beautiful female bodies and sacred feminine wisdom. Pleasure is the next level of understanding our bodies, recovering, and truly tapping into their potential so we can be magnets for our desires. And my Queens, it is amazing to tap into that! FIRE!
Let’s ask ourselves today: How will we tap into our own potential? What can we do to nurture ourselves and connect to our sacred Queenly wisdom?
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