August 12, 2021

I went on my First Date in 12 years—Here’s what I Learned about Love.


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I went on my first date in, clear my throat, you can say, 12 years.

I have to say, I felt like a beauty queen. So there’s that. And no, there was no second date.

I popped my long, overdue cherry, and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I will find love.

Thank you, Bachelor number one.

Let’s break down the math. I spent nine years with a man I loved and then a few more acting like besties (yeah, don’t do that). Then, I started dating my hot-to-trot business as an intuitive money manifestation life and business coach before, during, and while the pandemic is still happening.

I joined a few dating apps a while back, but I wasn’t really up to the task. In essence, that was my issue.

Energetically, it felt like a huge task to get back out into the dating world. A big part of the work I do centers around quantum and functional energetics. I knew that attempting to meet someone with this vibe would not be a good idea. 

Now, I’m ready for love.

Let me ask you. What have you been putting off?

Is there something you really want, and at the same time, you are putting it on the back burner? Dating has been that thing for me.

Of course, it’s not the dating I want; it’s the result of the dating.

Sure, sure. Someone can magically drop into my life, mask and all. That does happen.

As a manifestation coach, I believe that taking an active role in visualization, specific-inspired actions, and being truthful about what we want is necessary to actually manifest them.

Take a deep belly breath.

Sometimes, we can indulge ourselves so long in healing, spending time alone, and reflecting that we end up shielding ourselves from getting back to living a full life.

Maybe a little bit too much Netflix and chill time? Even though we can pull off Zoom calls with no pants on, should we?

Living a full life involves taking risks.

Focus on the gain. Focus on the win. Focus on what you truly desire.

Imagine what life could be like, feel like, and love like when your energy is focused on the life you truly desire. Feel free to shout out loud, “So much yes to that!”

It feels great to claim with your own voice what you deeply desire. Take it one step further and write it down.

Learning and development research shows that people who tell someone else their goals have a 65 percent greater chance of reaching them. Getting yourself support through a coach, friend, or accountability buddy means that you are more likely to follow through and see your goals materialize, up to over 90 percent.

Goals or manifestations, call them what you’d like. When it comes to love, I’d love to see more of that, everywhere.

Using supportive affirmations or mantras are great ways to speak your manifestations into the universe. I’m a big fan of this, and I speak mine as blessings received.

Four of my personal favorites that you could try on are:

>> Thank you for the love and connection in my life.

>> The rest of my life is the best of my life.

>> I am happy and fulfilled inside a loving relationship.

>> Thank you universe for the love you send every day

Begin or end each day reciting these affirmations or other ones that feel good for you.

Imagine what it would feel like for you to be in the relationship of your dreams. Close your eyes. See yourself and the look on your face. Look at your exact expression, and your brain to take an impression of that look.

The brain is miraculous and will find ways to arrange your universe to bring into existence what it is that you are focusing on and seeing for yourself.  Your only job is to be truthful and decisive. No settling or playing games.

Set your standards high and have fun. You are embarking on the love relationship of your dreams.

Find me on social media and let me know what happens should you invite me to your wedding. Make it a plus one!


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