August 22, 2021

Second Aquarius Full Moon {August 22}: Setting the Heart Free.



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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to set our hearts free?

These are perhaps the questions we have been asking ourselves over the course of this last month, maybe even longer. The year 2021 has been chock-full of Aquarian energy, the energy of freedom, innovation, experimentation, rebellion, change, and transformation.

We all have been craving a deeper change, a total metamorphosis of our world and selves as we know them to be. Perhaps there has been great fear, trepidation, and resistance to the changes we know we need to make. But guess what? We are ready. In fact, we have had everything we would ever need within us to take such a journey, even if it’s into the unknown.

We have been tuning deeper into the stirrings and pullings of the heart, as the sun has been in Leo, ruler of the heart this last month. We have been diving deep into the realms of our heart’s longings to be free, to follow the felt, intuitive knowing leading the way now. It perhaps could have been challenging for many of us logically-minded folk, who for many valid but now faltering reasons, have learned that the mind is a more trustworthy source of guidance than the heart.

This Leo season has amped up the volume though. We have not been able to turn a blind eye to the fire that Leo season brings. We have still been diving into some shadow work these last few months because when the light of the heart shines on us, we have little to no choice but to see it all, darkness and light residing within.

We may have even had some tower moments this last month, whether propelled into emotional purging through a health crisis, a loss, whether literal or metaphorical, or perhaps some other shocking, or jolting experience. It may have felt so dark at points, like we may never come back up to the surface to see the light of day again.

But, that’s where Aquarius, Leo’s counterpart comes into the mix. Aquarius is the water-bearer, the one who has the capacity to hold the entirety of the collective experience without crumbling. The ability to be the observer of our experience and of our world and yet not fall victim to the fear-mongering energy of division, hatred, confusion, and turmoil.

We have a potent second full moon in Aquarius tomorrow, August 22 at 8:03 a.m. EST, followed by the sun’s transition into the practically oriented earth sign of Virgo on the 23rd. We also currently have Mercury, and Mars in the sign of Virgo right now. We are being asked to reevaluate the details of our communication and our actions and impulses.

Virgo is a grounded sign bent on fine-tuning the human experience and helping guide us to perhaps be more mindful and intentional with the hows and whys of our words and language with others. Virgo is focused on our habits, health, and routine. It’s asking us to clean up any habits around health that may be hindering our growth and dulling our vitality. It may be hard at first to see the cracks and fissures in our health, at first, as if the world is crumbling down around us, but truly Virgo is here to help us.

We don’t need to beat ourselves or our bodies up for doing what they need to do to survive, protect us, and process our experiences. But, maybe we can give them more of a caring and helping hand. Our bodies truly are the vessels for our spirits after all and our incarnation at this time in these bodies. We only get one, so what is one thing we could alter in our health habits? It doesn’t have to be a huge, grandiose thing either. Small, sustainable changes are better. We have all Virgo season until September 22 to really bring our focus to the health of our bodies.

With this Aquarius full moon, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, we are getting our second dose of the cosmos pushing us to change (Uranus) the structures of our lives (Saturn). What change are we so ready to make?

Perhaps, we’ve just made a big decision to move locations, to change jobs, to shift our lives in some more drastic way. This is good! It means we aren’t resisting the forward movement of life anymore. Hooray! And if we are still doing so, the energy may be feeling not so good, maybe more hostile and chaotic, urging you to take the leap, whatever that may be for you. The energy is always here to help us get onto the right path. Feel the fear? Do it anyway. That’s pure courage.

The heart is our guide now. We all can feel this on some level. The mind has only led us to chaos, confusion, and panic until now. We must drop into the space of the heart if we haven’t already. This is the only way to unify our hearts as a humanity. Aquarius is tied to humanity, the one universal heartbeat. We truly are all so interconnected, more so than maybe we want to admit or see.

Uranus is in retrograde right now since August 19 and will remain there until January 22, 2022. So, buckle up, if you haven’t jumped into the flow of life taking you somewhere. We must continue to surrender our ego’s grasping, surrender our fears, surrender our need to know.

We are forging resilience and adaptability in the face of great change. We may be facing some unexpected bumps over the next six months, but we are fully supported in that, by the seen and unseen realms. Ask for help, and you shall receive it, just don’t be tied to the hows and whens. Stay open.

This full moon is kindly coupled with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. We are being blessed by the cosmos if we are trusting our heart’s desire, following our soul’s calling. This full moon is a closing of chapters. We are so ready. We have been waiting to close this chapter. The cosmos is supporting us with a big “yes!” to do so.

Once you commit to it fully with your heart, the confirmation more often than not appears if you are open and aware. If the flow of life is taking you one way, you can trust it. It’s your heart’s subtle knowing. Your most trusted guide.

Keep listening. Keep attuning to the changes that are here for you. Channel that brave, courageous Aquarian energy to become the architect of this next chapter of your life. You came here to create, to co-create with the universe and you have so much magic within you ready to burst forward.

Let yourself and your heart be free. You were born free and it was only in mind’s perception that you were anything other than free. You are free to be you, to let your fullness and light come through. Choose freedom no matter what the fear says. The heart will never lead you astray. Be brave, dear one. Remember the bravery that’s gotten you to where you are. Spread your wings and fly, now.


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