September 28, 2021

A Holistic Approach to bringing Warmth & Joy into our Lives this Fall.


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Autumn is upon us and the colder months are here. 

It’s that time of year where we bring out the chunky, warm blankets and light candles to bring the ambiance. I’ve been practicing hygge for many years now, but this is the first year I’ve started integrating it into my spiritual practices.

Hygge is a Danish concept that embraces warmth and coziness while surrounding ourselves with things that make life good, like our friends and family. While hygge is available to embrace all year round, it is more commonly associated with fall and winter.

When it comes to adding hygge into our daily routines, it’s actually quite simple. It starts with understanding what hygge is and how it can benefit us, then learning practical ways to add them in.

Inside this article, we’re going to discuss:

>> What hygge is

>> How to incorporate hygge in our daily routines

>> How to use all five senses through hygge

>> A hygge-focused daily routine

What Is Hygge?

Pronounced “hoo-gah,” hygge is a holistic approach to bringing warmth and joy into our lives. There is no right or wrong way to practice hygge as it’s entirely unique to what brings us joy.

Commonly, hygge is associated with warm textures and ambiance, dinners with friends and family, and a simplified, decluttered life.

“Hygge happens when we commit to the pleasure of the present moment in its simplicity. It’s there in the things we do that give everyday life value and meaning, that comfort us, make us feel at home, rooted and generous.” ~ Louisa Thomsen Brits

How to Embrace Hygge this Fall

Switch up the morning routine: with summer’s busyness behind us, now is the time to start a new morning routine—one filled with slow mornings, warm elements, and joyful beginnings.

Here are five ideas to try adding:

1. EFT (tapping).

EFT is similar to acupuncture in that it uses certain meridian points to relieve emotions and beliefs. When tapping, apply a little bit of pressure and focus on a particular feeling. We can tap on anxiety, joy, stress—really, anything! It is such a joyful, rejuvenating way to begin the morning.

2. Morning pages. 

This type of journaling is where we let our subconscious mind flow onto two pages—every morning. Whether we choose prompted entries or free-form, morning pages allow us to get whatever is on our minds out. I find it’s a perfect way to make decisions and start the day with a positive mindset.

3. Visualization. 

Start by making a vision board. I like to spend a couple of minutes looking at my vision board, looking at each picture, and reminding myself what I put on there. Then I will write out a letter to myself as if I already have everything on my vision board.

4. Nutritious breakfast. 

Make a quick, healthy breakfast (oats, smoothies, egg bits) and eat it while you do your morning pages. (My health coach would get on me if I didn’t include this!) this allows the body to wake up from a nice rest and have clearer thoughts and more energy.

5. Movement. 

I hate getting sweaty right in the a.m., but I do think it’s important to move our bodies. Do some stretching, yoga, or go for a short walk. (For the moms: just chase your toddler around!)

Bonus #1: wake up slowly

If we jump right out of bed and browse social media or check emails, that’s not a great way to start the day. We want our first thought to be a positive one because that will dictate how our day is going to go. So before we even get out of bed, do a nice big stretch and say an affirmation or state our intention for the day.

Bonus #2: embrace comfy clothes

I can say with 110 percent confidence that more people spent time in their sweatpants over the last two years than any other year before. Why? Stay at home orders. If we have to go to the office, of course, dress up. But, when we get home, let’s jump into those comfy clothes! Not only do they allow our bodies to breathe, but they also exude all things hygge. (My favorite choices? Fuzzy socks, baggy sweatshirts, and lounge pants.)

Engage all five senses:


Take a detox bath. It’s like a normal bath, but better. I highly recommend Mama Medicine’s Ritual Bath and, of course, bath salts.

Add in warm textures. Blankets and pillows are my favorite way to add warmth to my home and sacred space. 


Do walking meditation. Often people think that meditation has to be spent just sitting with our eyes clothes. I love doing a walking meditation when I’m feeling called to get outside. We can either do this in our neighborhood or go out into nature (sometimes called nature bathing). Just walk, let the thoughts flow, and breathe in the fresh air.

Declutter your space. 

Is there any better feeling than a clean, decluttered home? Tackle one thing at a time (a closet, the living room, et cetera) and only keep the decor that brings happiness.


Light that special candle while journaling. I love a good journaling session where I’m writing with the windows open and writing by candlelight. (Make sure to include your favorite scent!) 

Cook a pie. Not only can we warm our house with our oven, but we warm our insides too! Welcome the autumn and cold weather by cooking a pie or crisp (or another warm, beloved dessert).


Have a YouTube playlist. This playlist has been on repeat daily. I love the cozy fall vibes with the upbeat summer vibes.

Listen to hypnosis. Hypnosis is basically a deep relaxation state where the practitioner can speak to our unconscious mind to change our beliefs and habits.


Bake a new recipe. (Or a favorite one!) Even better if we add in fall flavors like squash, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

Cook a family recipe. Ask parents or grandparents for one of the family recipes, and take an afternoon to bake it. We could even invite our family over for a nice meal!

So, how can we, realistically, add all of these things into our every day?

A Hygge Routine:

>> Wake Up

Take a moment to stretch in the bed and say an affirmation.

Cook breakfast and make tea/coffee.

Write those morning pages and visualize our dream life.

Put on a good vibe playlist and move your body and/or do an EFT (tapping) session.

>> Afternoon/At Work

On the weekend, cook a batch of healthy, comforting food to reheat for lunch.

Take five minutes to listen to meditation during our lunch break (or go outside and move our body for 15 minutes).

>> After Work

Get into comfy clothes.

Do a walking meditation.

Light our favorite candle and spend 10 minutes decluttering a space or picking it up.

Bake a family recipe or comfort food for dinner.

>> Before Bed

Take a detox bath and read by candlelight.

Listen to a sleep hypnosis.

I hope you found this article helpful and found a way to add hygge into your daily routine. Doing so has helped me have a much calmer, happier life!


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