September 26, 2021

Instagram doesn’t show the reality (of our trip to Europe).

There are so many more lovely images and moments but here are a few.

I won’t lie—it’s been hard traveling with you. Instagram doesn’t show reality, friends.

But it’s been good, too—stretching beyond our domestic quarantine romance to 3 months straight of traveling and we have managed, every single day, no matter what arises, to return many times to our love, our basic foundation of goodness, and to open and progress through this opening and stretching. That’s what you teach. Yoga. And it’s like meditation, too—hard confusions relax and return through communication and breathing and together, in this moment, we learn as we go forward, together.

I love you so simply I could cry with friendship and playfulness and thoughtfulness and gratitude. May we be of benefit!

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Read 5 comments and reply

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