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September 26, 2021

Pleasure your way to self-care.

In the last article, we spoke about connecting to your Big O. Now, all Lady Queens are different, and it may have been easy or less easy, depending on your relationship with your pussy. There is no right answer for this, everyone’s experience is unique.

This can all feel a little funky at first, but it will get easier and more pleasurable as we walk along this path. We come to realise that our Pussies are more than just objects of sexual desire – they’re our true friends, our confidants and lighthouses guiding us to even more beautiful moments. Our Pussies are the Queens of allowing and opening us to pleasure and healing in our bodies and lives.

In an article by Dr Christine Northrop, she asked a group of ladies who had been participating in the School of Womanly Arts Program – which focuses on female pleasure – if anyone had experienced healing from participating in and taking action on the coursework, which included pleasure.

As it turns out, pleasure had helped relieve everything from migraine headaches to lupus!

Unsurprising since when we connect to pleasure, we release feel-good hormones and chemicals that relieve stress as well as mental/emotional worries.

Lady Queens, we literally have the power to heal through pleasure!

Imagine if we bring this into all the other areas of our lives!

Truth is, we are sensual, beautiful and powerful Lady Queens and Goddesses who have access to incredible power through pleasure. Our goal here at AATQ is to help you understand that and feel it in your body. Connecting to your sensual self is one of the key steps to get there.

How much thought have you given to your sensuality? In previous articles, we’ve talked about connecting to your sexual desires. Did you try the PPP – Pussy Pleasuring Practice from the last post?

Now’s a good time to find out what keeps us feeling sensual and having fun so we can grow our superpowers and self-care practices through pleasure!

There are many aspects to a person’s sexual desires. What aspects do you care about when it comes to pleasing yourself? What feels good and pops up for you immediately?

It could be things like:


Wearing jewellery


Painting your nails

Giving yourself a massage or foot rub.

Or kick it up a notch by including a partner, or having some Big O time with yourself, which could include playful things like:

Dressing up

Physical location

Setting up a sexy environment

Using products/toys

Type, order, speed, and location of touch.

Getting further acquainted with our Big O can level up our pleasure game, in terms of how we feel and what we open up to in our lives.

Who’s ready for next-level sex? (Are we all raising our hands?) Much of a Lady Queen’s sexual energy rising comes from her relationship with her mind as well as her body. If she can open her mind, surrender, and allow herself to experience the moment while focusing on her Pussy, the more pleasurable and delicious it can be. Think about it – more pleasure by simply opening into it! Yes, please!

Here are a few practices that will help you reach new heights:

Breathwork – Something to practice while relating with yourself is breathing. Allowing yourself to bring your attention to your breath while doing some sexual exploration will give you a clearer connection in the moment, and to the act of pleasure itself.

Mindful Masturbation – Do you know that there are some women who can climax simply by thinking about sex? Connecting in a positive way in your mind and encouraging yourself to open up to pleasure is a key part of a positive experience with your Big O Journey. Giving yourself mental permission to experience pleasure is a huge part of your process. Mindfully masturbating involves being and staying present in your body and the sensations you are feeling in your body.

Being Present – Connecting to the igniting of pleasure in your pussy and throughout your entire body, connecting to your breath, feeling things build up, slowing when you need to, speeding up when you need to, following and staying connected to the areas that light up with pleasure in your body as you go, and then when you arrive at your Big O, opening to allow it fully through your body from the tips of your toes to the end of the hairs on your head … it is sensual and exhilarating and juicy and delicious, a wave that moves through you deep, relaxing, recharging and nurturing in all the right ways. Enjoy it. This is an ocean of feminine energy embracing you!

We invite you to experiment and play with all the things we have covered here. Trust us – you and your Pussy will thank us!!

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