September 30, 2021

The Power of Tuning into our Creative Inner Child. 

Life purpose: the topic that is being brought up more and more nowadays.

Why are we here on this earth? What are we meant to be doing? What is happiness? What is our purpose? These are some truly profound questions that have been pondered over for centuries and even millennia.

Many great philosophers have come up with some meaningful conclusions on this topic, yet, most people are still questioning the true purpose of human existence. Puzzled, and oftentimes desperate to find answers, I personally am no stranger to this dilemma.

I am sat here, like many times before, surfing the deep waters of the web searching for inspiration—or even for some answers after yet another job rejection. It is a daunting feeling, not being certain of what I should be doing with my life. And yet, other people seem to know what they are supposed to do from an early age, so I cannot help but feel envious.

Is that productive or helpful? Not really. However, those are the unwelcome visitors in my head.

So, here’s the real question: what if the only thing I need to do with my life is to find something that doesn’t suck so much?

We exist on this earth for some undetermined period of time. During that time we do things. Some of these things are important. Some of them are unimportant.” ~ Mark Manson

Obviously, not every single thing we do in life at every stage will be meaningful. Sometimes, we will just kill time and be unproductive. And that’s okay.

Maybe we shouldn’t put so much pressure and importance on the phrase “life purpose.” And maybe, instead, we should focus on one of our main needs as a human being: to feel seen, understood, and to feel like we belong and are doing something good.

Maybe we can start by being of service to others and feeling like we’re helping those in need (this, in itself, is quite rewarding). Yet, self-centeredness is the main focus of a lot of people when it comes to this topic, and we tend to think we’re all supposed to be doing something extraordinary to even matter or be worthy. But why not just go back to the basics and let go of that ego for a change?

Our egos tend to dictate a lot of our lives and make us think that everything is about us, make us compare ourselves to others, and make it even more difficult to find what we love to do.

Instead, let’s have a think about what makes us forget about looking at the clock every 10 minutes, what we do not mind getting up early for, or what we are forgetting to do.

Let’s get back to our inner child‘s sense of innocence and wonder and tune into our own inner eight-year-old.

As a small child, I started writing poems, and that made time fly for me. Later, life got in the way and I stopped writing for years. My eight-year-old self would not have believed this.

It is truly heartbreaking that we let our essences die off for most of our lives, yet we keep wondering why we are unfulfilled working in jobs we hate. Life has no guarantees for anyone, so let’s just make it simpler for ourselves—let’s make the most out of the time we have here and let our inner children be free to explore vast corners of our imagination, igniting long-lost passions.

Maybe that will lead us to feel more seen, understood, and that we finally belong.


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