September 30, 2021

To the ones who drink Green Juice on the way to Yoga & the ones who Eat Noodles in their PJs. {Poem}


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i often get asked

if the pressure feels high in the fitness space to obtain and maintain a specific body type.

early in my career—this answer was a hell yes.

it took my own healing and unraveling for me to understand that the most impactful thing I can do as a leader of a space this vulnerable is to show up in my real body.

the body that teaches pure barre

drinks celery juice

and loves my peloton.

but also the body that orders takeout

spends days in my pjs laughing with my lover

and lives for the exhilaration of nothingness.

some workouts feel effortless

and others my body needs modifications and gentleness and honoring that has become just as special.

i have days when I feel like superwoman

and plenty of others when I speak out of turn or let my hormones take the driver’s seat.

tuning into my body

committing to understanding it

has been the most honest journey of my life.

but when I started supporting instead of resisting—

I was met with ease


and grace.

and while being a business owner has multiple pressure points—

having a “perfect” body isn’t one of them.

because I want my clients

my sisters

my future babies

and women everywhere

to trust that every part of you is equally worthy

and no standard that the media tries to create is worth the joy you will sacrifice trying to achieve it.

so in case you needed to hear this today—

the you who drinks green juice on her way to yoga is just as sexy as the you who eats noodles in her pjs

please let both sides have their moment

because the best life

is a balanced one.

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