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September 26, 2021

Your Best Big O.

Lady Queens, let’s talk about The Big O. But in order to do that, first we need to talk about your Downstairs Kitty Cat. (Yes, we’re bringing out our Pussipedia again!) When we truly know our Bonny Bean, we can truly connect to our pleasure principle. Our clitorises were made purely for pleasure and excitement, which lights us up! Pleasure and orgasm are the culmination of this lighting-up process.

Are you blushing yet? We know this topic is sometimes taboo, but that’s exactly why we need to talk about it. Shed light, and light it up in all the delicious ways – pun intended.

Connecting to orgasm is most easy to do when we are feeling good, fit, strong and healthy, rather than stressed and bogged down. Although orgasm is exactly what we need if we are the latter … and we’ll add – even more often.

Being fit and healthy includes a positive mental attitude towards our bodies and our Tunnels of Love but also includes healthy eating, consistent exercise and drinking lots of water.

Being fit and healthy allows us to feel and connect to our unique Secret Gardens better.

Best thing, though, is to start where we are at.

Essentially, being aware of our bodies and our Pussies and what we and they like and/or dislike is the place to start. Knowing what our needs are and answering them. And the best way to discover these things is for and by ourselves, at least at first. No one will know you and your BFF Down There better than you.

So, let’s explore something together … this is an evolution on the PLP – Pussy Listening Practice from our previous article. This is the PPP – Pussy Pleasuring Practice.

Let’s start by:



and finally arriving in


Lady Queens, one of the most powerful things we can do is have a sense of our connection to our own delicious bodies, or as we call it, Discovering.

Bring your mind and awareness into the sensual areas of your body, your Pussy, your legs, your breasts, your neck, your inner wrists, the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your lips … Witness and feel the sensations for all these areas without touching them to start. Just acknowledging them can start to ignite sensation as you bring energy and focus there.

Then we move on to Touching.

Take some time to be present in your body, maybe after a bath or shower, and just run your fingers over your skin … see how you feel about different parts of your body. If you’re feeling off or uncomfortable, you can also speak to your body, telling her that it’s safe, that she’s beautiful and worthy. Then take some time to touch your Pussy and feel your clitoris. From just placing your hands there, or caressing her, whatever your comfort and desire level is.

What comes up for you – how does your Pussy feel?

Excited? Open? Blossoming? Ashamed? Angry? Sad?

Is this a positive experience for you?  What thoughts, memories, or visions come up?

When we try to control our Pussies and how they reach pleasure, or if we feel ashamed or angry, we will most likely find that this means our Pussies feel sad. And Lady Queens, we have no need of sad or pouting Pussies. Trust us on this!

Our Venus Fly Traps are for our pleasure!

Now is the time to open our Pussies to pleasure and experiencing our Best Big O.

Let’s all stop and think about our first Big O. Remember you are safe, beautiful, and worthy, as you ask yourself things like:

Have you ever had an orgasm?

Can you recall the first time you had an orgasm?

Was it with yourself or another person?

What makes your orgasm feel strongest?

Connecting to our Best Big O has its roots in allowing our full life force to move through our bodies, up our legs from the earth, up into our spines and then into our heads! Lighting up our entire energy body. And the more presence and attention we give, the more it lights up!

We’ve talked about discovering, touching and pleasure but what does that look like for you? We’d like you to play detective and go on a fun, juicy journey to find out what that looks like, feels like and thrills like. We mean that. Go out there and enjoy your Pussy. Pay special attention and connect to your breathing through your Big O journey.

And if you need support, guidance, and a feminine ear to help, reach out to us.

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