October 5, 2021

How our “Dark Moon Phase” is a Powerful time to go Deep into our Inner Wisdom.


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Our bleeding time or the dark moon phase of our cycle if we never or no longer bleed, is a powerful time to go deep into our queenly wisdom—our intuition.  

During this time we get to know ourselves. 

Are we listening? Do we like what we hear?

The key to connecting to our intuition is allowing space: to receive information, process it, and express what feels right for the next step. All of that comes from the deep, open, quiet space within, which we can access by allowing ourselves to be still during this part of our cycle.

This space can also be amplified through cleansing our bodies and practicing meditation. 

The good news is that we can develop intuition; we most likely already use it to an extent without realizing it. 

The levels of intuition operate in each of us at different degrees, from basic and instinctual to complex and evolved conversations between us and our environment. A smaller version of this we’ve probably all experienced is the sense of being stared at, which in essence is someone sending energy to us by looking at us. 

Intuition can also be useful for our business lives. Women are known for making some of the best entrepreneurs, and recent studies suggest this is due to our intuitive capacity. And we can transfer this knowledge into different areas of our lives. It’s one of our queenly superpowers. Intuition allows us to increase our ability to move beyond automatic reactions and perceptions. 

According to a study done by the Heart Math Institute was conducted with a group of repeat entrepreneurs. It showed that they had a strong tendency to rely on their intuitions when making important business decisions. Through monitoring their brain waves, the studies also showed that these entrepreneurs could pre-empt images that were being shown before they saw them.

We’ve seen a lot more discussion around entrepreneurs using these types of soft skills (based on intuition) who say their decisions involve intuition, not analysis. Thankfully, people are now seeing this gift and starting to speak about it more openly.

Let’s talk about two different types of intuition:

First, we have gut instinct:

This is the most well-known, mainstream form of intuition. When people say, “Trust your gut,” this is what they mean. And we mean more than listening when our gut tells us she’s hungry and wants chocolate. (Although, if your gut is saying feed her chocolate, it’s probably best to go ahead and do it.) Gut instinct is basic and binary, which means it communicates through the sensation of opposites and uses simple language such as yes or no, stop or go, safe or unsafe to express its messages.

When gut instinct is operating, it will answer such questions as:  

>> Is this in my best interest? 

>> Should I move forward? 

>> Will this satisfy my deepest needs?

It tends to answer simple questions rather than more complex ones. However, as we discussed earlier, women quickly move past this state.

And then we have heart-based intelligence:

This is the juiciest type of intuition, the kind we excel at as queens when we use our cycles for diving deep into our inner knowing. The intelligence in our hearts encourages us to adopt the qualities of courage, compassion, and care and use them to communicate and connect with all other life forms in our environment. It guides us to what is appropriate to say or do in moments of need and allows us to connect and communicate in often unspoken ways and bond with people, animals, and places in ways that cannot be described by words or rational thought.

This center of wisdom addresses more subtle sensations and prompts us to ask: 

>> Is my life filled with beauty

>> Do I love what I do? 

>> How can I discover my joy? 

>> What would I do if I were not afraid? 

And we get more complex answers based on these sensations.

When we are bleeding, or in our dark moon phase, our intuition takes us to the next level. The wisdom that lives inside us and moves through us when we bleed is something to marvel at and honor. 

We have a chance to slow, listen, and reconnect deeply to the earth and our intuition in a magical way. The more still we are, the more we rest, the more information we release and receive about ourselves and our lives. 


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