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October 2, 2021

Longing for the Feminine.


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The pull comes out of nowhere; you sit at your desk and suddenly feel the deep sadness pulling your internal joy down.

While cooking, your thoughts turn to sighs.

In the embrace of your love, you sink in deeper, craving more.

It’s your longing for the feminine.

The need to just relax, stop the external “trying so hard”

Big breaths of release
That low hum of knowing.

You see, you’ve been pushing so hard
Keeping it all together
Family, friends, work, you.

The world outside screams with the “don’ts,” the “be carefuls,” the “what are you doings?”

Life isn’t the same, yet inside you feel the same drain.

It’s the mistrust
It’s the fear
It’s the “what if.”

Flow is what you long for.

Constriction, sharp edges, and a battle is what you have.

Tired, weary, you know this isn’t you; this can’t go on.

You are longing for your reconnection to the feminine, your feminine.

Play, fun, joy, beauty, nurture, creation.

You can’t remember the last time you felt so free with yourself. Shaking your head, you notice the internal stiffness, stifled by the idea of who you thought you should be—hard, a go-getter, strong, getting it done.

Yes, and you can also be soft, held, graceful, and have it effortless.

In a society that prides hard, be soft.
In a society that prides go, be grace.
In a society that prides competition, be compassion.

“How?” You ask, “How can I choose the feminine when everything I feel is the opposite?”


Do it again.

Space. Create the space to be, less of the doing more of the being. It starts with the expansion, not the contraction.

Often we forget who we are in all the doing. It’s our most beautiful illusion, all this doing. Doing never seems enough, doing never ends; its claws dig into our “not enough-ness.”

Being is the reality.
Being is the effortlessness.
Being is the luxury.
Being is the pleasure.

So be, my love.

Be soft.

Be grace.
Be beauty.

What does that feel like when you allow it?

Close your eyes right now and stop the d.o.i.n.g.
Just imagine the b.e.i.n.g and you already are there.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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