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October 5, 2021

Slowing Down, Coming into Our Bodies with Saturn and the Root Chakra: 4 Steps to Regaining Personal Power Using Shamanic Fascial Breathwork and Coyote Sex Magic for Manifestation.

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Saturn will be in Aquarius until March, 2023. Saturn represents boundaries, Aquarius represents groups and other people. Saturn is the planet, the material reality, the particle we create into a wave or vibration.

Discipline, the body, establishing boundaries, all due to the mighty, unhurried, obstacle-producing Saturn.

During my Saturn Return at 28, I moved to Ghana, West Africa and dedicated myself to writing.. and getting Malaria.

Conservative Saturn perennially challenges my romantic relationships. It’s placement and a Venus square Pluto loan me a need freedom and monogamy.

Slow Saturn is correlated to the Root Chakra. Sex, smell, survival mode, pink or blood red, and positive self-image, are all the name of the game with Saturn.

If you think about it, seeking pleasure is one of our most basic primal instincts.

Self-pleasure experts (writers procrastinating on a deadline) and Kundalini (serpentine bodily energy, think Kung Fu Panda Dragon Warrior running from the base of the spine to the crown) practitioners say, if you need to have the same sexual fantasy in order to orgasm, you may have a blocked Root Chakra.

Someone should tell the porn industry.

For example, if you have a fantasy about being dominated, or in my case having sex with god(s) in human form, no animals, please, we may need to surrender more in our daily lives. (Ooaauuhmm. Are we done yet?)

Time (Saturn is the primordial god of time, the earth and the harvest) is a currency itself in modern society.

Oprah, one of the richest women in the world, said she saw wealth as having more time.

Pressure from the clock makes me feel off, like I’m walking on walls instead of the sidewalk.

When we feel out of balance we can feel outside of our bodies.

This can lend us feelings of being outside of our own power, a sense of lack, or even feelings of fear.

These feelings can easily bleed into our relationships.

If we feel out of our bodies, then we may even feel less sexual. That’s no fun.

Sexual energy is powerful, creative and manifesting. We sensitives, empaths, artists and writers need our creativity! #savinggrace

Coming back into our bodies anchors us in our light.

There is a web of tissue called fascia all over our bodies where, when we breathe into it, encourages inner stability.

Every time I breathe into my fascia I feel my body as my emotional home.

Fascia connects the entire structure of our body, our bones and organs, our joints and muscles, down to the covering of our very cells.

Fascia, according to the practices of shamans in ancient Mexico, connects our body to our energetic body(ies).

Giving time, during conflict or seduction, creates space for people to know our boundaries. This is the gift of Saturn in Aquarius.

The body is the earth, our base, our home, the material extension of our internal structure. A great deal like Saturn as ruler of the harvest.

The body is a place of enlightenment if you pay attention to your fascia. I provide two examples below.

The most popular practices I teach use the body and slowing down time.

Four Practices to Slow Down, Create Personal Power and Manifest with Coyote Sex Magic:

  1. Write down a list of what slowing down would provide for you. Hold on to this feeling for an intention in #3.
  2. We work with the fascia in the body in my coaching. Stand upright and place your forehead below your knees. Breathe into the back of your entire body until you feel the skin and muscles move. Use the breath to expand the fascia in your legs, releasing energy into your Root Chakra. Tighten, then release the fascia from your hips down. Imagine an anchor descending from your Root Chakra down your legs, into the floor and finally into the center of the earth.
  3. Sensual Coyote Magic exercise for clearing the Root Chakra: vulva massage. This empowers our sense of self-love and our human need for pleasure. Take a warm bath or shower. Remember the intention for the kind of time you want to have in your life. The stability you want to create in yourself and the joy you want to feel daily. Feel this self.
  4. Lay down and begin to massage with your fingertips where your inner thighs meet your vulva. Creating a circular motion with your fingers as you make your way from the top of your outer labia downwards. Tickle, squeeze, play with the sensations on both sides. Roll up the labia with four fingers. Roll down. Place light pressure with four fingers around the clitoris on each side. If you like, you can begin to touch and massage the inner labia. Experiment with pleasure. You may come to orgasm or not. At the end of the massage, remember your intention and what that self, with time, stability and joy, feels like.

Working with our sexuality for manifesting is what we call Coyote Magic in my dreaming tradition. To check out my teaching videos, sign up at

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