October 4, 2021

The One Thing that We need to “Feel Alive.”

When do we feel the most alive?

Is it when we connect to a nostalgic song that takes us on a journey back to a sacred place in our heart?

Is it when we visit a special place, a country, a beach with a magical ambiance that awakens and revitalizes our senses?

Maybe it’s when we are in deep prayer and feel our heart filling with love and hope as we connect to something mystical and more powerful than we can ever explain with words.

Maybe it’s when we are playing an instrument and feel our soul in complete alignment with the melody and flow of the music.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of our heart bursting open with gratitude and compassion when we engage in acts of service. Maybe it’s when we are simply in the moment and dancing with all our heart, hugging someone we love, or looking into the eyes of our children.

The things that lift our spirits and make us feel alive are different for everyone.

For some, feeling alive is as simple as witnessing the beauty of everyday life while for others, it may be more intricate. The one theme that’s at the root of feeling alive, however, is love. It’s connecting to something with an open heart and feeling joy. It’s a moment that frees us from our thoughts, our fears, our worries, our self-limiting beliefs, our conditioning. It’s a moment of presence and gratitude.

Because health and wellness aren’t just about the physical body or eating healthy and exercising. It’s multidimensional. It’s holistic. We can’t truly be healthy if we focus only on our physical bodies and ignore our mental and spiritual health.

So, find that thing that makes you feel alive. Find that gateway to your soul. Find what fills your heart with passion and love and opens it up. Connect to your spirit in any way you can and as much as you can. Because in the end, the most important nutrient is love.


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Read 8 comments and reply

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