October 6, 2021

The Path to Love has No Guide or Map.

Deep bows, my friends.

This piece has been years in the making. Crumpled papers, a basket of recycled waste, and several relationships later—what I write and have to offer isn’t perfect, and nothing ever is.

I am still learning how to love.

I’m on a journey, and I know that we are all walking alongside each other.

Sometimes we walk ahead, sometimes behind, and other times, we find ourselves on a solitary trek—and still, we are not alone.

We are the human race, after all.

Together, we are in search of love, and this is our evolution.

We all are on a spiritual path of love, and we are loving, even if we aren’t aware, or in acknowledgement of this process. It is called self-love: the inner love of God within.

This love is essential for our awakening, which Buddhism calls “enlightenment.”

The path of love isn’t leading you to your true love’s gate, it is you opening your own heart gate to true love.

This is self-love—the sweetest compassion and gentle kindness, that you can offer yourself.

If your last relationship didn’t send you to the altar but to your knees, you are alright.

People often pine for partnering to fill the void which can only be filled with self-love.

Take a pause here, and wrap your arms around yourself.

Breathe deeply, and ground yourself in this moment.

Many say that the greatest relationship you will have is with yourself. And this isn’t a cliché.

The truth is that relationships are meant to enhance us and help us grow.

Without self-love, there is no love.

The spiritual path to love isn’t a shortcut; it is a process that allows us to move closer to our higher self by removing negative beliefs and core wounds. This is both psychological and spiritual healing.

We are able to stand on our own, and bend without breaking.

We can learn to lean into love, and offer ourselves compassion with gentle curiosity.

Spiritually speaking, we are authentic and self-actualized when we are real, without smoke and mirrors.

There is no need for gurus or mountain retreats—the path to love has no guide or map.

I write meditations and mindfulness talks. I study and search; and still, the path of spiritual love has led me to others.

The connections and relationships have been my greatest teachers.

I have walked with God when I walk with others. I have spoken with God when I listen to others, and I have been an instrument of peace through the forgiveness of others.

Life is messy and uncertain, and nothing will ever be easy—at least not for long. The journey has many bumps along the way. The spiritual path finds a heart once broken, cracked open to the infinite love of God.

Hearted by

I know I have just started on this path and have so much to learn. With an open heart and hands, I continue the journey along with many friends.

The spiritual path to love finds me still; and in stillness, I rejoice with an open heart.

Peace and blessings,



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Read 9 comments and reply

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