October 10, 2021

A Soul-Stirring Poem for the Women who Demand to be Heard.


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The Voice: A Brave New World

Last year at this time, I wrote and published a piece titled “A Poet’s Voice.” 

It featured a poem that was pivotal to the emergence of my authentic self and my place in this world as a woman. Writing it was both beautiful and painful. 

From this piece, my own brave voice emerged from the shell of that old, worn-out version of me I had outgrown. The voice was that of a woman who was ready to rise.

Somehow, from somewhere, this voice emerged. I intimately shared my heart and soul—it was raw and bold.

If we listen and allow our wiser self the honour of coming forward, we are provided with so many gifts. 

The following piece represents all women and those who identify with being a woman in this world.

The world is changing; this is true. But, still, there remains so much inequality and pain.

As a mother and now grandmother, I have hope for this world—for change. I speak out and realize this is a privilege because so many are unable.

As you read this poem, notice what comes up. Observe your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.

Everyone will have a different reaction, and this is okay. It’s meant to make you think—it demands that you feel.

The Voice

What is the cost that women pay to be women in this world?

What is the rent to occupy?

The gender that births and nourishes the world. 

What is the price that we pay for being born and existing as a woman in this world?

What is the political, economic, and social divide that holds women down?

What is the cost that we pay just to be?

Inequality leads to shame. Injustice. 

Who is to blame?

Remorse the bain of this infliction.

Yet, still, there is hope.

Hope for change.

“Listen,” says the voice,

In the wax and wailing in the stillbirth of night, a new day emerges to battle and fight.

A new voice emerges and chills to the bone.

A voice that says, “Speak out with truth and with light.”

We, women, are here. We will fight to have our voices heard. 

We will walk in our truth, giving birth to feminine light.

A new dawn is here.

Speak out!

This voice is yours.

Be brave. A new world is coming!

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Read 17 comments and reply

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