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October 8, 2021

Use your P*ssy to find abundance in business.

Lady Queens, we’ve got something amazing to share with you: connecting in a healthy way to your Pussy is every bit as important ­a part of your business as strategies meetings! We’d venture to say it’s actually the most important of your business, and it’s way more fun! Success in business is closely connected to pleasure.

Think about how we feel if our businesses are failing. We tell ourselves stories about why they’re failing, or about what our pay ceilings are, and these stories feel very real. But what if we told you that to create success in business we need to stop leading from our old emotions and instead start leading from pleasure-based actions? That’s right – switching on and opening up to what our desires are will lead us to success in life, including our businesses. Pleasure is our right as Queens.

If we consider the challenges and problems we imagine in our businesses, and also consider what we desire and what success looks like for us, we can turn things around. If we try saying the imagined challenges out loud as if they are part of our past, we can almost immediately feel the shift.

For example, if we say, ‘I used to be afraid of being judged for doing business online and that what I offered had no value. But then I chose to believe in my offerings and decided I was abundant. A short while later, six-figure success came knocking at my door, just by me sharing things that light me up and helping others to feel joy in a way that feels pleasurable for all of us.’

Feels pretty amazing, right?

Let’s all take a moment to bask in this juicy feeling of pleasure and the possibility of even more pleasure showing up consistently in our lives and businesses. As long as we keep deciding that we are succeeding, success will be inevitable. We can stay in pleasure by finding our way to it in any situation.

So, what does this have to do with our Pussies?

When we connect to our Pussies, we become focused on what we desire. We feel more alert. Our intuition strongly and clearly pulls us towards or away from our next decision. Once this starts to happen, we can use our sexual energy – all emotion, in fact – as fuel.

If you’ve been here with us at AllAboutTheQueendom from the beginning, you’ve been learning how to use your Pussy as your personal GPS. When something feels good with your Pussy, you go for it, and if she feels icky, you pause. After all, no one wants an icky Pussy! Nourishing her and treating her well keeps us connected and open to her wisdom – wisdom we can apply to our businesses.

Opening ourselves to pleasure and changing how we operate is a key part of using our Pussies in our businesses. We must remember to always ask ourselves, ‘What would bring me extreme pleasure in my business?’

We’ve noticed – both in other women and in ourselves – that when a woman is having regular orgasms, she is in a soft, nurturing place, rather than an argumentative, irritated, stressed-out place. When we feel good and connected to ourselves, we are happier and kinder, because it’s easier to be so. And this flows over into our businesses. Happy Pussy = happy business.

Keeping ourselves connected to feel-good sensations and emotions and then being able to shift ourselves into pleasure, again and again, gives us the fuel to keep moving. This takes practice, but eventually, this can become second nature to us. Lady Queens, staying in pleasurable action will become a cornerstone of success in our businesses and will lead us further than we could have ever dreamed!

Here’s the trick, though: we have to decide, to put a marker in the sand and make the choice to cut away the old stories and commit to our truest desires. We have to decide that we are someone who runs a successful business, show up in pleasure, and take feel-good action. We promise that once you do so, worlds will open up to support you. This desire is what we can come back to when our other emotions threaten to distract us.

Here are some questions to reflect on:

What would it look like to live your life from pleasure?

What would you do differently in your business?

What would your ideal business look like?

It’s worth noting that what is good for our businesses might be different from what is good for us as human beings – so we may need to vent, cry, clear, and then find a more pleasurable way to approach things. Living from pleasure is a journey, and we are only human, so we must give ourselves grace and kindness. But as long as we stay connected to ourselves, our Pussies, and our desires, success and abundance through pleasure is ours for the taking.

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