November 18, 2021

The Benefits of Cleansing & Detoxing are more Intimate than you Might Think.

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If we’ve paid attention at all to health trends in the mainstream media, we’ve learned about the life-shifting experience of detoxing and cleansing.

As a cleanse facilitator for over 12 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing big shifts and transformations in thousands of clients and customers. And personally, cleansing has expanded my life by creating greater awareness and capacity for not only better health but for seeing clearly where my place is in the world.

My businesses began with cleansing myself, and from there, an entire universe of juice shops, restaurants, coaching, and somatic and spiritual modalities came to life. I have grown brick-and-mortar shops, I created systems for universities to better serve their staff, and taught restaurants and farmers how to work together.

And most importantly, I have helped heal my family and my friends through some challenging illnesses that may have ended differently without the work that happens during a cleanse or detox. My resume is solid and it all began with opening up to the possibility of creating space for healing inside of me.

I find many people have questions about the why and how around cleansing and with so many options available, they don’t fully understand where to begin. Cleansing is the process of cleaning and clearing. It is the superficial removal of toxins and maintaining the body day to day, while detoxing is the process of removal, a deeper more cellular level excavation of toxins (done intermittently, seasonally).

In relation to the human condition, they both create necessary space for healing, and they both have the benefit of allowing for greater capacity around the possibility. They are used interchangeably and are complementary avenues for catalyzing positive change.

We cleanse while we detox. When we embark on a detox, we excavate the stored toxins within our bodies. As these toxins are released, we work to cleanse and clear the triggers that elicit emotional and physical reactions in the body, mind, and soul. Cleansing feels more like sweeping up the mess from the deep uncovering of the detox debris.

Ideally, these resets help us find our rhythm for maintaining an optimal life balance. Detoxing can be done intermittently a couple of times a year or seasonally while a cleanse could be three days each month as good housekeeping in between the deep cleanings. As previously mentioned, the benefits of each are that of great possibility.

On the more essential base level, we know that a good detox or cleanse will release stored free radicals and toxins, reduce or eliminate inflammation in the body, produce healthy and glowing skin, help us shed a few unwanted pounds, boost energy levels, regain mental clarity, cleanse our palate, and help strengthen our immune system, ultimately resetting our health markers to a healthy baseline.

On a more intimate level, when we dismantle and clean on the inside, we create a sense of expansiveness for outward-facing opportunity and action. We create space by noticing the awareness that triggers our deeper healing. Our why.

Why do we use food as emotional support? Why do we have an emotional reaction when we stop drinking caffeine or alcohol? Why are we undisciplined around the very things that keep us alive in our bodies? What happens when we forgo self-sabotage and start using self-care as a tool for showing ourselves real love? Here is where we find more opportunities to heal ourselves.

When we allow ourselves the time to cleanse, to rest from food, rest from digital connection, rest from all of the distractions we have become so adept at allowing, we find space for creation. We make space to create a life of pure joy by unraveling the parts of us that are restricted by the habits and addictions we have formed over time.

During a good cleanse, we see clearly how much time and energy we spend on our unhealthy patterns and how poorly they serve us. We begin to understand that we are more than our bodies and more than our thoughts. And the more awareness we create, the more we cultivate an intensely loving and nurturing soul. And this is where the magic of life begins.


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