November 5, 2021

How to Make Spiritual Contact (& What Keeps us from being able to Do It).


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An Excerpt from The Afterlife Frequency by Mark Anthony


Not everyone is a medium, but everyone is capable of perceiving spirits and intuitive messages.

The key is learning to recognize the presence of spirits and the signs they present, accepting the reality of the contact, feeling the importance and emotional significance of the message, and trusting your feelings as well as the truth and guidance provided by the message. This is the RAFT technique. Let’s examine each step.

Recognize means learning to identify when a spirit or collective of spirits is making his/her/their presence known. It is all the result of a human’s electromagnetic field interfacing with the electromagnetic energy of a spirit. Sensing the contact can manifest in different forms, such as a sensation of tingling or cold chills, a glimpse in one’s peripheral vision, hearing a familiar person’s voice in your mind’s ear, or simply knowing. You can also have your attention directed to do something, like turning on a radio and immediately hearing the song that makes you think of a loved one in spirit. You can also be directed to see a specific number combination or even a living being, like a particular type of  bird or insect, such as a dragonfly or a butterfly.

Accept the reality of the contact. This will happen when you let down your barriers and give yourself permission to have the contact. This may sound elementary, but people tend to negate or even fear spirit contact, which leads them to dismiss the experience and create an energetic block to it.

The Other Side is a dimension that exists parallel to our material world dimension. Spirits are part of the collective consciousness, and they can and do communicate with us. They don’t speak a human language — they speak “frequency.” They will transmit signs, images, sounds, and scents and direct our attention to particular things via frequency beacons. This is not hocus-pocus or fantasy. Once you accept the reality of spirit communication and let the spirits (as well as yourself) know that it’s okay, they will begin transmitting guidance and information to you.

Feel first; think later! This is where many people hit a dead end with spirit contact (pun intended). Your immediate feeling when you recognize the sign is crucial. It’s the first emotional sensation you feel, no matter how outlandish. Spirit communication is an intuitive and emotional process, and it is easy to overanalyze a sensation and rationalize it away.

One of the most common mistakes people make during spirit contact is to overthink or overanalyze the initial imagery or message conveyed. Drawing upon my background as a trial lawyer, I call this “cross-examining the experience.” As soon as the imagery or signs from spirits appear, your mind’s ego begins the cross-examination to tear the messages apart with questions like, “How can this be true? Isn’t this just my imagination? Couldn’t this just be a coincidence? Don’t you think I’m reading into this? Who would believe me?”

By hyperanalyzing the initial contact, you counteract the positive energy of a spirit with a negative energy barrier, and the spirit will back off. This also happens during a reading when someone immediately shoots down and negates the imagery or message presented by the medium. In short, negative energy blocks the messages transmitted by spirits.

To obtain the maximum benefit from spirit contact, go with your first feeling about the sign. Then, after the experience, analyze why you felt that way and what it meant to you. This is exactly what happened during the “six cents” sign. Once I felt it meant “sixth sense,” the full impact of the message began to unfold.

There is a period after the contact that I describe as the “unfolding.” At this point, the full impact of the contact will begin to make sense to you. The unfolding can take minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even longer for the full impact of the interdimensional communication to be revealed. More often than not, you will discover it contains multiple meaning messages. I use the term multiple meaning messages to describe information received during interdimensional communication that has significance in several ways and on several different levels. There will be more about this in chapter 8: “The Unfolding and Avoiding the No, No, No Syndrome.”

Trust ties everything together. This is learning to trust the truth and guidance provided by the spirit contact. It is also about trusting your own feelings. During lectures and public mediumship demonstrations, I often discuss the importance of trusting one’s feelings. Then I will ask the audience, “Whenever you have overruled your women’s intuition or man’s gut instinct, are you happy you did, or did you regret it?” Practically everyone expresses regret for not trusting their feelings.

Spirit communication is transferred to us at lightning speed. It resonates with our body, yet our ego, that pesky creature manufactured in the human brain, wants the last word. This is why fear, rejection, or hyperanalysis can get in the way, thwarting the power of the message.

Spirits know that not everyone is a medium, but they also know that everyone is capable of a mediumistic experience, because everyone possesses the sixth sense to some degree.


Excerpted from the book The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How That Awareness Will Change Your Life. Copyright ©2021 by Mark Anthony. Printed with permission from New World Library.


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