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November 8, 2021

How to Overcome Emotional and Relationship Insecurity

It is absolutely normal when you some days make you feel low and you can’t judge anything going right. But if you are constantly feeling insecure in your life, friendship or relationship then it may act as a concern. This is especially a concern in romantic relationships as the person also indulges in anxiety and jealousy side by side. This insecurity not just eats your mental health but also your self esteem and confidence side by side.

Before we explain to you how to not be insecure in your relationships and friendships, it is necessary to understand that nothing can work overnight. You need to put in positive efforts with the right strategies and a mindset which can cross you through the waters of insecurity.

How To Not Be Insecure In Your Relationships?

1. Take Care Of Your Own Needs

Taking care of someone else is beautiful but you shall not stop caring about yourself anyway. You need to value your own feelings by countering the negative thoughts. It may need you to spend time with yourself, practice meditation and nurture your mind. Some ways to show love are:

  • Nurturing your face, body and skin by applying oil and massaging yourself gently.
  • Practice any of the workout routines like yoga, cycling or walking everyday.
  • Eat healthy and nourishing food.
  • Talk to yourself nicely with all the self compassion and affirmations.
  • Take some time away from your phone and social media. There needs to be social detox so that your brain gets time to recharge.
  • Prioritize your sleep before anything else and take care of your body.

2. Stop Carrying The Baggage

Have you been in such a relationship before that you don’t want to think about it again? Some sort of baggage is definitely alright but this baggage shall go down after sometime. Every relationship could be rocky as well as loving but it’s time to lighten up the load. Restart the process and make sure that your mind is clean and fresh before entering into a new relationship.

3. No Need To Psyche Out

Remember, the quality of thoughts that you are going through has a direct impact on your relationship quality. Look at your thoughts. Are you asking yourself, ‘Does he love me?’ or ‘Do I even fit in?’ Such questions may have fear associated with it. This needs you to ask yourself if these questions are coming out of a real situation or you just invented it. Well, if you are just inventing it then it’s time to tell yourself that you have full control over everything right now and they exist only in my head.

4. Do The Uncomfortable Discussion

Understand that stress is a short term part of your life and you must look forward to induce strength for the long term. For this, you need to face your partner specifically about the problems so that the issues could be resolved. Tell your partner anything bothering you and your mind so that any of the emotional and relationship security could be eased.

5. Time To Be With People Who Love You

When you surround yourself with people who love and support you, not only you feel confident but also accepted in the society. Make sure that you set up a few good dates with loving people, visit them or spend quality time with them through get-togethers. Let your loved ones also know that you need some care and appreciation from them to get comfort.

6. Keep Distance From Overthinking

Overthinking is a total lose situation because it snatches away all your energy and creates unwanted scenarios in mind. Insecurity has a speciality, if you don’t have it in your mind then overthinking makes sure that it erupts anyhow. Overthinking is also the reason for anxiety, stress, depression and tension and shall be avoided. Overthinking is for sure not a great habit and even acts as a recipe for an upcoming disaster. In order to overcome emotional and relationship insecurity, make sure that distance from it is taken care of.

7. Avoid Comparing Yourself To Anyone Else

Whenever we are comparing ourselves to anyone else, we are getting closer to disappointment. Try limiting yourself to social media channels or keep a safer distance from thoughts of people who stayed in your partner’s past. If you are comparing now then it may become a part of your everyday life and hinder your own goals.

8. Talk To A Therapist

Don’t hesitate to discuss your insecurity in a relationship or friendship with someone you trust. If there is no one whom you can open up to, consider speaking to a therapist. A therapist can help you open up to the fear and insecurities and decorde why and where do they come from. It is better to talk and discuss tools through which you can navigate to better situations.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out how to overcome emotional and relationship security with the help of this blog and be able to maintain a positive attitude in life. Did this work for you? Share your views with us today in the comments below.

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