November 19, 2021

Just got my Booster shot! I am now part of the One & Real True Conspiracy, Sheeple!

Just got my Booster shot! I’m once again fully stocked up on anti-Covidness. Also got my flu shot, at the same time.

The folks who helped us, from managing the line to administering the shots in my arm (so painless, they shouldn’t be called shots, they should be called “touches) were all kind, humorous, decent, warm human beings. I appreciate their service. Having an appointment, the line moved super quickly. For the drop-ins, more slowly, but still fast. It was hosted out at the Islamic Center, and I appreciate their hosting everyone. I biked out there–sunny late fall day, so warm I didn’t need anything but a tee shirt. Climate change, anyone? We still have yet to have one single “real” snow (we had our first dusting, last week, but most days at 60-70 degrees).


New file has been uploaded…


And I have seen the Light: this is The One & Only True Holy Conspiracy!

I am now fully under the control of Trump, thank you for launching the vaccines under Operation Warp Speed, and Biden, thank you for working diligently to get vaccines and now boosters funded and into the arms of every sheeplike American like me.

Now that the booster has fully taken over my soul, and I am Mr. Sheep, I am here to fall in line and communicate the Real Conspiracy:

…it ain’t Qanon BS, if that was real there would be a basement and Boebert’s husband and that Florida Congressman idiot would be the targets. JFK Jr. ain’t comin’ back, and if he did, he wouldn’t be on Trump’s side, folks. Kennedys realllly looked down on Trump, remember.

The Real Conspiracy is right here for all to see! Let’s kill the Planet! Faster, faster! Make sure to shop Amazon, or Whole Foods, or surf Facebook, or Instagram, or Whatsapp, or Twitter! Get on your screen, away from Nature. Buy, buy! Don’t wear a mask, don’t care about others, just complain loudly about freedom while Nature and Middle Class and Affordable Housing and affordable College Education all disappear before your eyes!

Remember, freedom-fighter: Billionaires need our support now more than ever.

You want to talk Side effects? Through feeding this Climate crisis we can destroy the whole world by heating it and drowning it in plastic! But that’s not all! Eat more meat! Kill for fun! Torture animals!

Be a good consumer! User! Not a human, or citizen, that’s for weirdos. You want a real conspiracy, it’s no secret! Capitalism, without regulations, will get us to the Promised Land of BuyBuy. Don’t support moms and pops, don’t engage in compassion for humans, or animals, don’t protect voting rights, or your fellow humans, just be selfish! Drive more, while on your phone! Complain about gas prices, when they’re still cheaper than milk!

You want a real conspiracy, destroying the whole planet for all future children and all the good on it has got to be up there. And now that I have my booster, I have seen the light.

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Read 14 comments and reply

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