November 11, 2021

Love Helps us to be our Best Self.


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What does love mean to you?

Love to me is about opening our eyes to what our hearts can feel but our eyes cannot see.

So often our mind tells us to clip our wings because walking is safer. But I feel love is about letting go of that grip on who we think we should be, or are supposed to be.

It is about borrowing the eyes of our heart, and seeing the beauty in all of who we are, and all the world is.

It is about removing the blindfold we were taught to wear, to see even a fraction of what the heart sees.

When we alter our direction, change our values, put our dreams on hold, compromise who we are, swallow our truth for someone or the world, this is not love. This is the unhealed version of ourselves recognising the unhealed version of the world or others. Often this connection holds the most passion, but we have to see it at a deeper level.

These are the lessons we have come here to learn.

The world tells us that these people or the experiences are meant to complete us, but they are actually meant to give us an honest view, so we can finally heal, and rearrange ourselves to evolve to wholeness. Then when we truly love, it comes from a place of wholeness—not seeking completion or attachment.

Love is our ability to heal, so we can love without reducing ourselves. Love never demands us to change, it only asks for us to become truth and whole.

Through love, we can we be a better version of ourselves.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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