November 14, 2021

Sunday Curry: The Spice of Life. {Recipe}

spice of life

Two years ago, I set off on a mission to learn recipes that I loved.

I wanted to learn how to make the dishes that I had only been able to enjoy when dining out at ethnic restaurants. Curry was at the top of my list.

To start, I learned to make an easy recipe for one. This was the first time in my life that I wasn’t preparing food for others, and I was tired of salad and fish. I was ready to spice up my life!

Curry is a magical dish that fuels the heart and soul. There are so many variations, and the possibilities are endless. They are warming, and can be created in a pinch.

It all started with an onion and tears, followed by crushed garlic. The spices were next on the scene, followed by tomatoes, and vegetables that were in season.

I fell in love with the simplicity of the dish and creating new versions. Each time I made it, I tried something different, even if it was just a different spice.

I relished in the aromas of saffron, coriander, turmeric, and paprika in the beginning, and with each shopping adventure, I explored more spices, and chillies.

I began to feel adventurous in the kitchen. The sight and smell engaged my senses, and my spirit came alive. The fire in me returned, and so did a zest for life!

For an entire year, I created my own recipes.

The cooking became easy and grounding. The curries were healing.

Today is Sunday, and the curry is simmering.

My skills have evolved, and so have my tastes. Sunday love can start in the kitchen, preparing meals for a busy week ahead.

As fall weather sends a chill, I know that curry will keep me warm.

When my heart is heavy, curry reminds me that I am nurturing myself, and offering self-love. Solo cooking can be a gift, and a wonderful adventure.

Go put your own curry on; you won’t regret it! Get ready to infuse and inject some spice back into your life, and engage your senses.

Food is a simple pleasure—when enjoyed, it can nourish the whole body, mind, and spirit.

Here is the simplest version:

1. Start with an onion, diced or grated. Add it to a pan with olive oil and saute until golden, then add your crushed garlic to taste. I use one clove.

2. Next, add your spices of choice. I use the following:

>> One teaspoon of turmeric.

>> One teaspoon of cinnamon.

>> One teaspoon of coriander.

>> Black pepper to taste.

3. Add one jar of canned tomatoes, or fresh if you have them, followed by two tablespoons of tomato paste.

4. Simmer long and slow, and breathe in the aroma. A little kitchen dancing here will make your heart sing. I like to play, “Feeling Good,” by Nina Simone.

5. Next, prepare the chickpeas. Separate, rinse, and soak over night, or cook dry in the pot when the dish is ready.

6. Combine the cooked chickpeas with the sauce. For a creamy version, I add coconut milk.

7. Serve. This dish is great over rice or quinoa.

Bon appetite!

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Read 14 comments and reply

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