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November 30, 2021

That’s the fricken vibe you want to be in !!! (Part 2)

You are now ‘clear’ on what you want to manifest in your life, right? So…

Now it’s time for you to dive even deeper into the world of CLARITY. Now…

Ask yourself the ULTIMATE question in manifesting your dreams…..

What is your WHY?

Having a clear understanding of your WHY will enable you to connect with the frequency of the event or thing that you wish to manifest…

Let me explain.

For example, maybe you want a new car.

Ask yourself why do you want a new car?

Is it the freedom to get around from A-Z, is it for work, is it because it’s cool, or is it because it’s fast?

Maybe you are dreaming of a holiday abroad sipping a pina colada on the beach.

Ask yourself why you want to venture abroad?

Is it to unwind and relax, pamper yourself with love, meet new people, or explore new adventures.


It’s not about the external thing that you want!

It’s about the INTERNAL feelings and emotions they bring, so…

What’s the bigger, deeper EMOTIONAL meaning behind your vision?

Because that’s YOUR why!

When you get crystal clear on this answer, you will align with the frequency of passion…

And that’s the vibe you want to fricken be in !!!

It’s all about energy, you see…

EVERYTHING is energy!

Like for like (energetic) vibrations attract.

Which means…

You’ll attract in your life what you are energetically aligned to, or in other words…

What you are an energetic match to.

This ISN’T spiritual ‘woo woo’ nonsense! – This is science.

Or more appropriately, Physics, as ‘Big Al’ will tell you below, quote:






Once I sussed the C-Word, my life took a u-turn.

I got crystal clear AF on my vision and why, and…

Here I am today, living out my dream life in Bali, with the man of my dreams, in the home of my dreams with the business of my desires, so…

It’s time to dive deep and figure out WHY you want your desires?

This is a big part of the Inner Work.

Once you are in this state of mind…

Allow yourself to sit in the energy of your ‘why’, feel it in your heart, let your passion run wild.

Et voila, you’ve got true clarity! So…

Coming back to why CLARITY is key.

It’s the driving force in manifesting your desires.

It brings direction, purpose, passion and alignment.

It’s like looking into a crystal ball and seeing your vision clearly shining brightly back at you, and then…

Realising there is no crystal ball!

It was your reality all along.

*Spoiler Alert*

You are all that you desire in life.

You are all that there is! So…

Once you harness this SUPERPOWER (because it is!) called the ‘Inner Work’.

Which is only the manipulation of YOURSELF for the greater good of yourself!

This is where the fun starts to begin…

If you want to find your twin flame?

If you want that hot bikini body?

If you want that ridiculously expensive handbag or pair of shoes?

If you want that lush vacation?

If you want that sexy new car?

If you want that dream home?

If you want to turn your passion into the business of your desires?

If you want to be filthy rich?

Or if you simply just want to live out your dream life?

It’s yours for the taking when you get clear, find out your why, and align yourself with the energy of what you want to desire.

Can you now see how powerful and essential CLARITY is?


I’m not going to lie. Of course…

There’s a LOT more to the Inner Work, nevertheless…

This is one of the most fundamental principles in getting it RIGHT when it comes to manifesting your hopes, dreams and desires.

I hope you enjoyed this little 2 part blog on CLARITY and WHY…

I would love to hear your light bulb moments, if any?

Happy manifesting.

Lots of love,

Mimi xxx.

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