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November 9, 2021

The time of the Goddess is now.

Lady Queens, let’s talk about the word ‘Goddess’ for a minute – what it meant in times gone by and what it means now. The way we look at it, ‘Goddess’ is a female who embodies beauty, respect, and power. We all have feminine and masculine energy, which are both valuable and essential. They are both equal in importance. However, unfortunately, over the last few millennia, more importance has been placed on the masculine. And that time is coming to an end. Queens, NOW is the time for us to reclaim our Goddess – but first, we have to learn to connect to ourselves in order to truly know our feminine power.

In the last hundred years or so, and especially in the last five years, we women have been reclaiming our power, speaking up and speaking out, saying ‘ENOUGH!’ And we are so loud now that we are finally being heard. The return of the Goddess has begun.

But what does it mean to be a Goddess?

It means embodying our delicious beauty in all ways. Embracing our feminine power and intuition. Fully connecting to pleasure and letting it guide our lives. Creating rituals to honour ourselves and other women. Focusing on love and care in all situations. Nurturing ourselves and others.

Keep in mind, nurturing is about more than giving. It’s about shaping, allowing things to unfold organically and intuitively. It means all the projects and people around you follow a natural flow, and we, as Goddesses, tune into this flow and nudge it gently along the way.

Think about this: what if this is our role? What if we are here to set the pace, and we’ve simply forgotten how?  What if setting the pace means being tuned in and switched on with pleasure as our compass? Being truly in touch with ourselves, with what we love and what turns us on, will guide us.

Thousands of years ago, we women were more connected to ourselves and each other, but over the centuries, this connection was forgotten and lost. In ancient times when a girl got her first period and came of age, the other women would take her away and honour her. They would teach her how to connect to her cycle, her pace and rhythms. They’d teach her about supportive herbs, and about how to allow her body to open and connect to pleasure.

They showed her how to allow her body to open and connect to pleasure and health. The taught her to embrace any pain as the gift of information that it is. They guided her on how to figure out what her body was telling her, rather than being afraid of the pain, learning how to transform it and arrive at pleasure.

The young women would learn all this at an early age and then they would become part of the ceremonies for the other young women as they would come of age. It was a sacred and time-honoured tradition with the older women who were considered High Priestesses and Healers.

Lady Queens, now is the time to open ourselves up to the juicy possibilities and true opportunity of connection and sharing with our sisters, as we did so many centuries ago. And we start by opening and allowing ourselves to witness our own beauty, inside and out, and by connecting to our pleasure. Where there is pleasure, there can be no fear. And without fear, there is honour, joy and peace.

Powerful roles like priestesses, witches, healers, etc., might have been wiped from our history, but we can stand up and rebirth these roles into our lives, here and now. It starts by embodying the Goddess in ourselves and recognizing the Goddess in our Sisters. Once we step into the Goddess in ourselves, we can find a balance, stop trying to be too many things to too many people, find our way toward a sense of nurturing and wellbeing, and finally embody our Goddess.

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

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