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November 5, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Date that Bad Boy in the Band: A Collection of Poems

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.


Let you slip by

No words left to give you

Not the kinda girl to beg and borrow your time

Take hours, minutes, seconds from your rock & roll life

Spent too long working for your love, something I can’t buy

And I try to look like I’m fine

But there’s a hole in my smile

And purple rings around my mascara stained eyes

Everything within me changed

When you said goodbye

Lost too much time

And too much of my makeup smeared on your bed sheets

Spent too much time tangled up

With you, with you, with you

Well I do believe that our deadline was pre-disposed

But you kept me on my toes

Thinking that I could be wrong

I can’t accept what I can’t control

Can’t accept you telling me no

And leaving me that day

Heartbroken with all my consciousness slipping away


Convince myself to feel no sadness as you walk away

You’ve had all of me you can take

You couldn’t be good to me no more like you promised you would be

So go ahead and search for that missing soul of yours

Look at me crying, no you won’t look at me

You blame it on your surroundings

New York ruins everybody

Your blackness erupted so gradually

But honey you’re no match for me

I’m gonna show you you’re no match for me

New York can make the nicest girls go bad

And baby after that

You’ll be no match

I stayed around when your name got trashed

And through all of your setbacks

And now that you feel you’re almost there

You swear now that you are so far above me

But baby who’s gonna care about you now?

I promise you

No one will come around

Well Ive been told I’m quite the catch

And your so stupid to let me leave

No one should ever let me slip through their fingers ever so easily

So I’ll put it this way

I’m not sorry to tell you

You’re not worth one more heartache

I’m not sorry, you’re heartless, should’ve known you’d be

Can’t blame it on your surroundings

New York brings out the truth in everybody

Honey you’re no match for me

You’re no match for me

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