December 13, 2021

7 Interesting Facts we Need to Know Before Entering Marriage.

Before marriage, we are often aware of trivial things about our partner, but not necessarily what it takes to make a marriage work.

I’ve come across some interesting tips that could be handy to know before entering marriage. Here is a list of some important things to consider before entering this sacred union (and these are backed by some scientific studies):

1. Waiting till you’re the right age can save your marriage

A study shows that women who get married at the age of 18 have a 60 percent divorce rate and they need the help of couples counseling, whereas marriage at the age of 23 reduces the divorce rate by 30 percent. This means age matters a lot when considering marriage. Maturity plays a key role.

2. Short honeymoon phase

According to a study, the honeymoon phase after marriage lasts for only one year. A scientific study describes this as the fall of a “nerve growth factor” after a year, which is the reason we have intense romantic feelings.

3. Become best friends

Many studies show that marriage between close friends lasts for a long time, or forever. This means that friendship with our spouse makes the relationship easy to maintain and handle. It can explain the causal relationship between marriage and life satisfaction. If a couple can maintain a good friendship after the marriage, it will help them both grow.

4. A smaller age gap increases closeness

A small age gap between two partners makes them feel closer than a higher age gap. It helps them understand each other better. A study showed that there is a relationship between age difference and divorce rate. A one-year age gap between a couple creates a 3 percent certainty for divorce, a five-year age gap between a couple creates an 18 percent certainty for divorce, and a 10-year age gap between a couple creates a 39 percent certainty for divorce.

5. Celebrating your partner’s accomplishments

If we become excited and celebrate the accomplishments of our partners, it will make for a better relationship. So, when receiving good news about our partner, we should encourage and support them, celebrating the small and big wins.

6. Tackle chores together

Tackling all types of chores together helps make the relationship thrive in the long-term. When a partner finds their spouse helpful for them, their understanding changes to encourage a better relationship. Everyone has different capacities in different areas. It helps to determine who is the best for which job in order to help each other.

7. Being in a relationship for a long time doesn’t mean you know your partner perfectly

Many people think that they know a lot about their partner only because they spent two or three years with them. But time isn’t the only thing that helps partners know each other better. Yes, it takes quite some time, but the quality of communication in that time is what matters. Maybe you know their favourite colour or preference for food, but you’re missing out on the deeper stuff. Having good communication and utilising every possible way to know new things about each other is a good approach.


Having a good relationship with your partner takes a lot of understanding and determination. It’s helpful to consider these tips to avoid any downturns in your marriage.


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