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December 12, 2021

An Open Letter To The One Turning 30 This Year

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Hey You,

*Virtual hugs* – ‘coz we’re stepping into the BIG 30 together – and no matter how much the world says that age is just a number, you and I know that 30 is a benchmark we’re about to hit. I understand that approaching 30 can be extremely overwhelming – it can feel like an end and a beginning, all at once. Also, the fact that we’ve steered through a pandemic, survived through love and loss, and still holding on to a smile is indeed commendable. So, as I pat my back feeling thankful to the Universe, you should too.

I remember when I turned 25, I asked my mother what she did when she was my age and her reply was nowhere close to what my 25 looked like! I ensured to make the best of my quarter-life (only if I think I can make it to a century!) and did all that was there in my checklist. But this 5-year-older me has got over all the ‘To-Do’ lists, feeling a stronger sense of identity, confidence, and purpose that makes me happy.

As the years pass by, our life changes and so does our perspectives. Our 20s were all about getting a good degree, grabbing a stable job, finding a suitable partner, and making the most of life. But as I lived through the years, I realized that nothing matters more than mental peace, inner happiness, and feeling loved. Taking to a friend the other day, I said out loud. “I don’t know why I feel so old as I’m turning 30” and she said, “That’s because you’ve been through a lot over the last few years.” It indeed was true, and her words led to a reality check for me – as my life flashed in front of my eyes over the next couple of minutes. From losing my mother and suffering from acute PTSD, from seeing the world at pause to the untimely death of people, from falling out of love to loving myself like never before – I’ve been through all.

I’m sure you have your ordeals too, that must have filled your 20s with some incredibly valuable lessons – and as we walk into our 30s, we can just be grateful to all that life has brought to us. While society expects us to act matured, we should make sure not to kill our inner child. It’s important to remember that life is not a short sprint, but rather a marathon. We should learn to go slow, soak in the present moment, and most importantly, stop being so hard on ourselves.

Know that you are where you’re supposed to be, exactly who you are supposed to be.

A friend who turned 30 a couple of months back, told me that she’s giving away all her possessions (books, clothes, etc) so that she can manage to fit all her belongings in a suitcase, while another friend expressed his desire to summit Mt. Everest as he turns 30. Looking around, I saw that most of my friends are weaving their own incredible stories as they are aging, and it filled me with immense contentment that I know such people who dare to live beyond their comfort zones.

Now that I’m counting days for my next solo trip and thinking if I should finally get started with writing a book, I’m sure you also have something in the line that you’re looking forward to. Maybe you wish to quit your job and probably thinking of starting a business, or you wish to live all by yourself while your friends are getting married and settling down. Good luck with whatever is there on your mind, because I know that you’re going to make the right decision that’ll lead you to incredible opportunities, epic adventures, amazing new friendships, and make you feel most accomplished like never before.

Well, what more can we ask from our 30s?

As we turn 30 this year, some of us feel that the last 29 years have been wasted chasing dreams and goals not meant for us. But it’s never too late to start, right? Go ahead and do what scares you. Embrace your imperfections, get comfortable in your own skin, be transparent with your feelings. Pick up the pen and write poetry. Gather all the junk and try journaling. Attend that pole dancing lesson you’ve always wanted to, and ditch learning how to make that clichéd dalgona coffee! Invest yourself in relationships that respect and honor you back. Start to turn your dreams into plans and stop caring about what other people think.

We don’t need to be how the world wants us to be, rather we should do what our heart says. I hope that we make the best of the years ahead, and be proud of who we become.


A friend who’s turning 30.

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