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December 27, 2021

Are you connecting with your heart?

Lady Queens, let’s talk about heart connection. Heart connection is about relating to another person from a sincere place, especially with our significant other. When we relate deeply to another person physically, intimately and at the same time connect through our hearts, we up-level our connection and the depth of experience.

Our heart chakras are a place of alchemy, where we can heal and transform past hurts and pains. Connecting to alchemy begins in our womb-space, once we are supported by a partner who helps us feel safe. Let’s imagine our womb-space as our cauldron, where the potions of emotions bubble away and begin to brew.

Savannah: This is why I think tummies and hips of women are able to hold so much more and why they change shape throughout the month. I’ve noticed that when I’ve got emotional stuff going on, it’s like “Helloooooo Buddha belly!” And as I process the emotions, I go from Buddha back to my normal shape. I reckon it’s also why women are stronger in their hips and lower body than men – so that they have the capacity to process in these areas! 

Back to our lady cauldrons – imagine the emotions percolating in the cauldron of our womb-space (sacral chakra) then bubbling up through our solar plexus chakra and then alchemising as they rise like smoke up and through our heart chakra and onwards, giving us full access to our Lady Wisdoms.

As Lady Queens, we are at our best when we stay open and move from love. Love can be many things – fierce and fragile. When we bring all that into the bedroom, we have the key to unlock ourselves and our partners. Sexy times! The longer we’ve been with someone, the deeper those connections can go, if we sustain the polarity, and the more concentrated the brew in our cauldron becomes.

To access that deeper place of heart connection, we can begin by showing up ready to connect to our deepest feminine energy, willing to navigate, express, and explore. Let’s feel our womb-space, heart, hips and spine, and open to pleasure as our Queenly birthright. When we’re present to what turns us on, we can uncover the deeper gifts in ourselves and support our partners to do the same. When we get physical, as we love the heck out of the person we’re with – which can look soft and gentle, passionate and heated, both or anywhere in between – if we allow ourselves to surrender, we can find out what our truest expression is. When we show up in a way that is loving and worshipping, we allow them to do the same. If we keep it juicy, be present in our own Queenly bodies, we can access the magic.

It can be so easy to place demands on our partners, what we want them to do for us. The most powerful question is, How are we showing up and what are we bringing to this interaction? 


I admit I’ve made a ton of mistakes in past relationships, expected partners to change – such a silly thing to do. 

I chose to claim my crown and remove expectations, asking for what I desire and showing up in full appreciation of my partner. I’ve been lucky enough to be in relationship with a man over the last 4 1/2 years who has helped me feel safe and, in doing so, supported the alchemy of healing in me and in himself. 


I followed my Pussy wisdoms and my heart, and being with him has brought up so much stuff for me to heal. It’s showed me where I was still in pain and out of balance. It pushed all my chaos and confusion to the surface quickly in the beginning, and it was intense, but it also unlocked and allowed me to access the deepest level of my creativity so far and clarify boundaries in my business and in other relationships. It has been a beautiful gift. 


The biggest magic that’s come from this interaction, especially when I’ve felt helpless or stuck, is this question:  

“How can I show more love right now?”

This is an important question to ask in many interactions but even more so in partnerships because our partners test our boundaries. It’s a grounding question to ask how we can show more love when times are rough.

Knowing ourselves, our Pussy wisdoms, and being present will allow us to make informed and empowered choices. Choices such as who we partner with, romantically and otherwise, areas we expand our creativity into, and how we approach our work/business. Our Pussy wisdoms will lead to things beyond our wildest dreams – and we deserve it.

Connecting, coming from our heart and being in love with someone and having loving sex is the gift and alchemy of relating deeply. This experience has a very different feeling to it than sex without love. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having sex for fun – it’s simply the difference between having a tasty snack or sitting down for a full meal.

A fleeting glimpse of what an alchemical heart connection feels like is when we were young, got tipsy, and had sex. Of course, then we sober up, that open feeling is gone, usually replaced by a hangover. Keeping the heart connection healthy is about accessing that state through genuine feelings, rather than substances.

It’s important to stay kind to ourselves, make conscious choices, and remember moderation.

Another comparison to heart connection is the feeling of being enveloped in a warm cottonwool blanket – snugalish! It’s important that we stay out of our heads – this is a full-body experience. The blissful, loving vibe in our heart feels so delicious. And we deserve it, Lady Queens!!

As always, stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

Love, Savannah and Teany

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