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December 20, 2021

Do you need more playtime?

Who’s ready to play?

Goddesses need and desire playtime, and engaging our Pussies is how we get there. Our Pussy loves sex but mostly she is awakened by connecting to pleasure and play – and that can arrive in many different forms.

Lady Queens, this is an invitation to all of us to start some playful and fun activities for ourselves in order to keep our pleasure meters full! Sex and sexiness can be with ourselves, no partner needed. We can wear something sexy that makes us feel good about ourselves, for example. Anything from wearing lingerie to a delicate piece of jewellery to the type of sheets on our bed – it’s about the juicy, sensual feeling of pleasure. It can include special food or taking a rose petal bath. The question we have to ask ourselves is “What makes me feel sexy and playful?”…and do that.

Speaking of play, let’s go more into that…

Play can be done in many ways, but for now, let’s talk about play and sex. It starts with asking ourselves what we define as sex – physical penetration? Foreplay? Any activities leading up to penetration, during and after? Then let’s dig deeper and ask ourselves if we are playful with ourselves and/or our partners (if we have them) when it comes to sex. Toys? Role-play? Planned sex dates? Surprise sex dates? Mostly, we must ask ourselves if we’ve given sex the attention it needs in our relationships, both with our partners and with ourselves.

This reminds us of a show we saw with Dr. Christiane Northrop on Oprah where the topic was, you guessed it, sex in partnerships. Dr. Northrop challenged a couple whose sex life was floundering to have 100 days of sex. What do we suspect happened? Their desire, intimacy and connection with each other skyrocketed. And after a certain number of days, they were looking forward to every interaction because they knew it was coming (pun very much intended) and planned for a delicious night or day.

Lady Queens, sex is more than just about the physical act – it is a way to connect to deep pleasure, like a touchstone for life, wellness and abundance.

Rather than thinking, “I’ll have sex when I feel the desire,” sometimes it takes good old-fashioned playful planning. Yes, playful planning! Spontaneity can be unrealistic in our busy, hectic, and often exhausting days, thinking we’ll auto-magically be lit up and ready to go every night for our partner. Instead of treating sex as just another chore or box to tick, we owe it to ourselves and our partners to bring fun and playfulness into our intimate connections. And those times when we’re incredibly busy and stressed are actually the times when we should have sex the most. Remember, sex engages our feel-good hormones, releases stress and connects us more deeply with our partners so we feel nurtured, loved and safe. Plus, it’s incredibly healthy for our bodies and raises our immunity.

Staying in the pleasure zone/headspace is a practice, even and especially when we least feel like it. If we avoid touching base with pleasure in our lives, we will slowly edge it out of our lives. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised.

And, for our single Lady Queens, an intimate night with ourselves is equally delicious and necessary. Pleasure and play are something we should be experiencing with ourselves regularly. Let’s take ourselves out, buy ourselves something nice, woo the heck out of ourselves, and then treat ourselves well sexually! Are you excited to seduce yourself and add in more sexy playfulness to your day? Heck yes!

Lady Queens, here’s to claiming embodying and living in pleasure!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

Love, Teany and Savannah

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