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December 27, 2021

Hey! Pay attention!

Lady Queens, it’s important we remember to slow down, be patient, pace ourselves and pay attention. Both of us learned the same important lesson – how pace and patience is everything – in two very different ways.

Teany: A while back, I spent a nice vacation in Sedona, where there were wildfires. I was unsure of what to expect or what the situation would be. They’d shut down all the main trails because the big forest, Coconino forest, surrounds Sedona. But then we met someone who had moved from New York to Sedona, and he gave us access to his backyard to go hiking. And that trail ended up being part of one of the bigger trails, away from the forest. We were able to explore areas and do things we’d never done before. We did a whole archaeological expedition, spent time in the local area, talking to people, getting to know the area and different things that I never would’ve done otherwise. I feel like this was an even better vacation, thanks to patience, pacing and going into it in an open kind of way, allowing things to just happen organically.


Savannah: I have loads of different exciting projects happening, so I have a lot going on. I was moving quite a lot of money, and I’d given myself an hour, which I thought was plenty of time, but I was rushing. I missed some huge markers. In the back of my head, my intuition was saying, “Wait. That doesn’t sound right. That’s a bit weird.” But because I was in a hurry, I pushed forward. It was a very expensive lesson: I ended up losing all that money and it’s nothing I can change. Yes, I was frustrated and upset with myself. Yes, I ugly-cried. Then I thought, “Right, I need to slow myself down because if I make a simple mistake like that, it means I’m doing way more than I should be.” It’s fascinating to me how when you’re being a productive businesswoman in action, if you’re doing your meditation and yoga, you think you’re on it. My lesson around pace was more about going that bit deeper, slowing down even more, going to the next layer of deepness within myself. Mainly because I recognize that in the past if I made a mistake like that, I’d have beat myself up. But this is an old way of reacting. Yes, I’ve made a very expensive mistake. Will I make that mistake again? Heck no. This is only one stepping-stone in the next phase of the things that I’m creating, and I will remake that money. And I will be safer with it.

Instead of going to a disaster mindset of everything’s fallen apart, we can choose to ask, “How do I step into the next layer of this?” To stay connected to that inner wisdom, we can make sure we’re rested and fully present. The more rested and in our bodies we are, the slower we get, the more of us is available. Whether that’s for showing up for people, showing up for ourselves, showing up for our business or our relatives – whatever it’s for, there’s more of us available.


Women especially tend to forget this. We’ve found through personal experience that women tend to get shorter massages than men do and spend less time on self-care. We so often put ourselves at the bottom of the list and only allow ourselves small amounts of presence and help for our physical bodies. And we also judge ourselves for allowing ourselves that time. There’s so much judgment that comes along with self-care too because once we have it, we also feel we don’t deserve it.

But, back to our original topic, which is being present, patient and paced. Things are so much easier when we’re present with what is in alignment with ourselves before we act. And, Lady Queens, we deserve to flow through life with ease, beauty, and grace. Let’s all take a moment right now, take a deep breath, and slow right down. Breathe in, breathe out. Any time we feel rushed or pressured, let’s all remind ourselves to be present, pay attention, and listen to our Queenly intuition and Pussy wisdoms.

Here’s to claiming, embodying, and living in pleasure – because we deserve it!

As always, stay connected, juicy, and playful.

Love, Teany and Savannah

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