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December 29, 2021

How your p*ssy and cycle brings pleasure in business.

Lady Queens, here’s a marvellous thought: our Pussies, our cycles, and pleasure can be used to elevate our business productivity! Yes! (If you’re no longer bleeding/have never bled, you’ll still be tuned to the moon as a cycle, and the moon has those same phases as a period, so you can tune in to that.) We of course all know about the importance of our female monthly cycles. It goes beyond what we may have previously considered a burden – in fact, it’s a gift. Like an ice cream maker, or bread maker, rice cooker, it does everything for us – tasty delicious! – that is, if we know how to use it. Our cycles are similar. It naturally allows us to reconnect to ourselves and put things in the best order in our lives for the most rocking Queenly outcome if we listen to it. When in tune with our cycles, we’re connected to our intuition or inner knowing. Our cycles give us energy to be productive in business and life. Otherwise, our cycles can feel like a burden, and we can feel like urchins in our own lives, quite lost or overwhelmed. Which do we choose? Peasant or Queen? Being a peasant is quite pleasant, but being a Queen is full-on pleasure!

To review, within our monthly Queenly cycles, each week has a guideline of best practices for life and business.

  1. Spring – organization, energy rising
  2. Summer – high energy, action, outgoing, creative, proactive, social
  3. Autumn – doing detail-oriented tasks, finishing off tasks
  4. Winter – rest, introspection, space, simple tasks, passive

It’s rather useful to know this as we try to plan things in our lives, right, Lady Queens?

Understanding our cycles can also tell us when we can feel our deepest pleasure and high-energy days. This is so valuable when it comes to our daily activities. And perhaps some of us were unaware that we can use our cycles to express this energy in our businesses. In fact, rather than having just one week of pleasure in the month, we can have it all month long in our lives and businesses.

Pleasure in life and in business can feel like two very different things…but when we get our feminine juices flowing, pleasure saturates both areas… and that can be a conscious decision.

When we’ve been looking at our cycles for some time, we will start getting the hang of the moments to be more ‘in’ and the moments to be more ‘out’ in life. Often, it’s easy to get frustrated with ourselves and want to be more ‘out’ when we are at an ‘in time’ in our cycles. We just need to trust the process.

It is at those times we can have self-compassion and practise being kind to ourselves. Maybe we can have a “duvet day” instead of pressuring ourselves to go out or be productive.

Let’s try to stop our minds from making decisions and let our bodies give us the answer about what they need. This may take some practice, cos we’ve been trained to do the opposite. Remember, movement creates changes for us in life and business, but reflection first, reflection during our ‘in’ time, will allow us to tune into and trust our intuition more. Once we’re moving from this place of trust, we can build momentum and connect to our resourcefulness… which we ladies have so much of!

Our Queenly wisdoms will have access to so much information and whilst we may have no idea of the exact detail, we’ll have the bare bones of how to build something. Staying in that place of trust will allow it to become fully-fledged beyond our wildest dreams. What we can see at the beginning is perhaps only the first petal of a flower that will bloom to become our Queendom. So, let’s reiterate: less push, more pleasure!

To recap:

  • Have Compassion
  • Have Strategy based on our Queenly wisdoms
  • Take Action
  • Reflect – go in! That is where we’ll find our answers.

And then rinse and repeat.

We can even use our cycles to plan many of our tasks. We might find that certain things work better at different times.

Spring is a good time for implementing our Queenly plans and stepping to the next level in our businesses.

Summer is ideal for meeting new clients.

Autumn is perfect for doing invoices, dotting i’s crossing t’s, dealing with contracts.

Winter is a great time for planning.

Obviously, it can be tough to just snap our fingers and plan everything around our cycles immediately, but we can start by paying attention to where we are at in ourselves at different times of our cycles. Once we’re aware of our cycles, we will be able to map when we work best for which things and start to book the best tasks at the better times of the month for ourselves.

Let’s honour our Queenly cycles, trust our process and keep moving just one step at a time. Our inner knowing will give us the next step every time!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.


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