January 17, 2022

How I Want you to Seduce Me.


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“Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.” ~ M.D. Waters


If we are honest, most of us want to be seduced from time to time.

We want to lose ourselves in the seductiveness of another. The allure and blinding temptation of someone we are attracted to. That animal magnetism, which can burn though every one of our cells.

Oh yes, from time to time, most of us definitely want to be seduced.

I want to be seduced. I can be a seductress, but sometimes, I really just want to be seduced.

Seduce me with who you really are—seduce me just like this.

I want you to seduce me with authenticity. I want to know that what I’m getting is real. Is honest and raw. I want to know that you’ve taken your mask off—seduce me with your authenticity.

I want you to seduce me with vulnerability. Show me how you are feeling. Engulf me in your emotions. Don’t hide what scares you. What worries you. Open yourself to me completely—seduce me with your vulnerability.

I want you to seduce me with your darkness. Tell me your fears and let’s work on them together. Let your shadows out and show me your wounds. Let me hold them for you. Let me support you whilst you do your inner work—seduce me with your darkness.

I want you to seduce me with your compassion. I want to see how you show compassion to others, to me, to yourself. Show me how you care for the world, the animals, people—seduce me with compassion.

I want you to seduce me with your truth. Even if that truth is going to hurt my feelings, I want the messy truth. Don’t ever kiss me with lies, as that will slowly kill us. Tell me what you’re feeling. Tell me what’s in your head. Be honest with me—seduce me with your truth.

I want you to seduce me with your self-awareness. I want to see that you know yourself. That you are aware of your flaws, your ego, your triggers, what you need to work on. I want to understand what tools you use, what work you are doing. I want to know all of you, the beautiful and the ugly—seduce me with your self-awareness.

I want you to seduce me with mindfulness. Show me that you’re present. Practise being mindful and present with me. Let’s embrace being together mindfully and presently—seduce me with mindfulness.

I want you to seduce me with humour. Make me laugh. Take the piss. Laugh at yourself; laugh at me; laugh at us. Laugh when we’re fighting. Laugh during sex. Laugh because it’s medicine for our souls—seduce me with humour.

I want you to seduce me with your intelligence. Discuss interesting things. What you have read. What sets your mind on fire. World events, health, cultures, music, languages, the stars, psychology, how the body works, how the brain works, beliefs, the universe, spirituality, your talents. I want to know it all. I want to talk about life at lunchtime, at dinnertime, at 3 a.m.—seduce me with your intelligence.

I want you to seduce me with your independence. You have interests and hobbies. You are whole on your own. You want me, you desire me, you love me, but you don’t need me. I want to know that you are fulfilled alone—seduce me with your independence.

I want you to seduce me with your passions. Your passion for life, the world, your interests. Your passion for me, yourself, for us. I want to see your passion for things you care about and believe in. I want you to fight for what you are passionate about—seduce me with your passion.

I want you to seduce me with your self-love. I want to see that you love and value yourself. That the love for yourself makes you strive and do the work required to be a better person. That you have boundaries and that you respect boundaries. That you love and respect yourself enough to walk away from places and people who you should walk away from—seduce me with your self-love.

I want you to seduce me with your energy. Energy is one of those things that will ignite or it won’t, and we will know if our energy is in sync because we all feel it at the core of our beings. We will need to be vibrationally aligned—seduce me with your energy.

I want you to seduce me with respect. Respect for life. For yourself. For me. For us. Respect for commitment. For individuality. For boundaries. Respect for the world around us and others. Respect for differing views and choices—seduce me with respect.

I want you to seduce me with actions. Show me how you feel. What sets your soul on fire. I want to see actions, not words alone—seduce me with actions.

I want you to seduce me with fun. Let’s go on adventures. Enjoy the simple things. Cherish our time together. Act our age, act like kids, act however we want—seduce me with fun.

I want you to seduce me with support. Be supportive of each other’s passions, work, growth, healing, choices. Support that we are two interesting, whole individuals working together to compliment each other’s lives—seduce me with support.

Seduce my mind, heart, and soul—then you can seduce my body. Seduce me with a look, a touch. Seduce me with the bubbling electricity between us. Seduce me with your physical presence. A seduction that can take place whilst fully dressed. Because when the seduction starts in the mind and the soul, the physical seduction is beautifully simple.

When you seduce my mind and my soul, you will always set my body on fire.


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Read 12 comments and reply

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