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January 25, 2022

We love a bit of chaos.

Chaos, creativity, desires, and intuition – let’s all stop a moment and think about what these words mean. While you may recognize that these are ancient wisdoms in action in the modern day, we’re willing to bet you have yet to apply these words to your business. Yes, Lady Queens, these four primal energies can have a powerful effect on our business lives. Imagine if we used these energies of chaos, creativity, desires, and intuition as tools to manage all areas of our lives, rather than seeing them as burdens or habits to get out of. Allow us to elaborate …


Women ride the wave of chaos every month. Learning to embrace, explore and create from chaos is one of our greatest gifts. Yet often, especially in business, we try to get rid of chaos instead of embracing and processing it into something useful. This, lovely Lady Queens, is a superpower, one which we often run from, thinking “perfect” is the only way. We stretch ourselves in uncomfortable ways to keep everything looking “right,” instead of realizing chaos, space, and order all work together and, in fact, are all valuable.

There is beauty in chaos, and we are the Queens of transforming that chaos to something fruitful as we flow through our monthly cycles or turn a mass of cells into a child. What if we use that transformation as a metaphor for life? Our superpower is setting the pace and transforming the chaos into something beautiful and creative.

As women, in our bodies and all parts of our lives, everything is about cycles. When it comes to our bodies, there’s a reason why we feel called to slow down and go inward when we’re in our winter. And it’s no coincidence that it leads right into our spring and summer, the height of our energy and creativity. By slowing down and making space, we get to embrace what we’ve already done that month and process to make sense of it and make better choices moving forward. It’s quite a gift!

Cycles also allow us to connect more intuitively and make better decisions, so things flow in our lives and businesses.


Flowing from cycles into desire… Desire is connecting to and knowing why we’re going in a particular direction, what’s pulling us and what it means for us to keep our inner fires stoked and to keep going for what we desire. This will allow success to arrive at our doors like a special delivery from the Cosmos! Desire is like fuel for that inner fire – it’s what keeps us on track. By following our desires and staying in pleasure, we’re able to effortlessly flow through life and business in a Queenly way, with grace and ease.

Desire is easy to talk about, but the emotional connection, awareness and knowing has to come from within each of us. The main thing to ask ourselves, Lady Queens, is, “Am I still checking in with my Pussy regularly to know what I’m desiring?” Remember, our Pussies knows the way in all areas of life.


We’ve gracefully navigated chaos and connected to our desires – onward to creativity! What is creativity? And how can we use it to birth our desires?

We talked about our capacity to make bring a human, project, relationship, and many other things into the physical. It’s a natural talent we have in our bodies.

It makes sense that creativity comes from our womb-space, our cauldron where ideas are brewed.

Our womb-space is our cauldron, where creative ideas bubble away and begin to brew. Imagine those ideas percolating in the cauldron of our womb-space (sacral chakra) then bubbling up through our solar plexus chakra and then alchemizing as they rise like smoke up and through our heart chakra and upwards, giving us full access to our Lady Wisdoms and Queenly Creativity. Then allowing it to become realized through our voices, eyes, minds and all the powerful ways we bring things into reality. From there, we give birth to our creations, whether that is a child or a project. This, my Queens, is the power of our Queenly Creativity – we birth ideas into the world!

Many people think that creativity only applies to artists, but creativity is more than paintings, sculptures, and music (although it is all of those things, too). Creativity is an essential part of each and every one of us, regardless of how “talented” we are at creating art.

We can express ourselves thru creativity in the way we dress, in how we tend your garden, by preparing a meal for loved ones, in how we live our lives. Our life is our art, and we are the artists. Let’s express ourselves with passion and create something beautiful and worthy of us!

What if we started to pay more attention to the creative qualities in ourselves? What if things no longer happened by accident, but instead we stepped into our Queenly role as creators, acting with intention? This changes the way we approach anything we do, and helps us stand in our delicious feminine power and claim our crowns.


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, although he is a man or possibly some sort of Bond-style super villain, uses intuition, a feminine quality, to guide all his best and biggest decisions: “All of my best decisions in business and in life have been made with heart and intuition – not analysis. When you can make a decision with analysis, you should do so, but it turns out in life that your most important decisions are always made with instinctintuition, taste, heart.”

Queens, it’s tempting to try and use only our heads in business and push out our emotions. We might try to be rational, because we have been trained that being irrational will get us in trouble, and for some strange reason, as women we can often feel a link between our role/job/income and our sense of self-worth, so we try and stay perfect. Cos perfect is good … but is it? Perfect is nonexistent, so linking our worth to perfection can rob us of joy and pleasure. Because we will forever be trying to polish up and keep static a part of us that is growing and changing and evolving into our Queenhood.

What if instead of grumbling about slowing down or trying to keep pushing ourselves, we allowed ourselves to do the details, then have some deep rest and ask these questions:

Which part of my business could do with me being centered in pleasure?

How can I enjoy chaotic moments in my business and find wisdom in them?

We’d love for you to journal on these questions for your business, even if you’re still in the planning stages. Let’s use our innate abilities and wisdom to set the pace, plan and intuit how successful we’d like our businesses to be!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

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