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February 17, 2022

Time to map out your Queendom.

Embracing and living in pleasure in your business is all about creating the structure for our creativity to flourish. A powerful way of doing this is to use the seasons of the year, picking something to accomplish each season. Now, my Queens, we can go one step further: we can take the 12 weeks in each Season, and ask ourselves, “What project could I birth in the next 12 weeks?” No rush, no pressure, just what can we choose to bring into being? What magic can we weave?


As women, it’s known worldwide the power we have to multitask, which is why limiting ourselves to one project each year is, well, limiting. I know for me multiple ideas come in all the time, and there are many projects I want to embark on. And then I sit with my Pussy and check in about which ones to put my magic into at which time. What we’re going to share with you today is a way to support you to bring those projects fully into the physical and see your Queendom embodied.

We begin by redefining our year: rather than having a single project for a year, our twelve months become four 12-week segments. These 12-week seasons allow us to start and finish projects with momentum and vibrancy. Fully supported and engaging with the right project at the right time of year for us keeps us feeling juicy and turned on all year long.

Within our seasons, we can allow for our personal queenly cycles so we can make the most of our weeks. Being productive, resting, and digesting when we need to as we create our Queendom Maps (more on that in a minute) will bring a layer of deliciousness into our businesses as well as our lives!

We are going to go through this 12-week process to explore, honour, and nourish ourselves and our businesses in pleasure. We are here to inspire you as Queens to claim your crowns in all areas of your life. Being a Queen is about feminine leadership.

Mama Gena, the author of Pussy, defines that leadership in this beautiful poem:

Feminine leadership DREAMS THE DESTINATION; it is visionary.

Feminine leadership trusts.

Feminine leadership prioritizes the experience over the route.

Feminine leadership may be quiet or even silent; it creates space for reflection.

Feminine leadership shares power.

Feminine leadership seeks knowledge from the community.

Feminine leadership is mission-driven.

Feminine leadership recognizes intuition.

Feminine leadership is at home in a circle.

And a feminine leader? Wears whatever the [email protected] she wants, sisters.

– Mama Gena

With these qualities in mind, we can create what our next 12-week season will look like, what we call our Queendom Map. To create this, use a journal and place it somewhere to hand so you can revisit it.

You can ask yourself as you create your map:

Have I acted from a place of pleasure and desire in my business today, this week, this month?

How can I add more space to replenish and restore myself in my working days?

Think of the answers to this like fabric, each answer or thread interweaving to help form a bigger design.

This interweaving will empower our workflow to effortlessly work for us!

Your 12-week mapping process

Let’s take some time now to map out our next 12 weeks based on our desires, for our lives and businesses. We can use our monthly cycle to guide us on the tasks we can accomplish, using a rhythm or pace that works for us.

It’s fun to start big. Start with 10 years: dream big – what would your life look like if you lived fully in your Queendom? Find peace in knowing this can take time.

Next think about 5 years: what would allow you to know you were half-way to your Queendom?

Then bring it a bit closer – 1 year: what desires/dreams would let you know you were heading in the right direction towards building your Queendom?

Season: Narrow down the details in the next 12 weeks – this is your first Season. What is a big, juicy step towards your year’s desires?

NOW: Start doing one thing a day in the most pleasurable way you can imagine that moves you in the direction of your desires.

ASKING THE RIGHT GUIDING QUESTIONS TO BEGIN WITH IS KEY. Rather than asking for better answers, it’s about asking the right quality of questions. We can explore and get curious by tuning into our intuition thru feeling our body, before getting journally with the following questions. Keep the answers to these questions somewhere you can see them every day – your inner fire will be stoked by these answers, keeping your inner cauldron bubbling strong.

We deserve to take the time to do this practice properly, rather than rushing through it.

Remember the answers to our questions and the wisdoms we’re seeking can be found in our bodies and our Pussies. Whenever we’re exploring, we can take a moment to get physical and feel.

BREATHE and feel into your body as you write answers to the following questions:

Why are you working?

Who do you desire to be working with?

What sort of environment brings you joy?

What kind of lifestyle do you desire?

What kind of income allows you to feel secure?

Lady Queens, this practice should make us feel juicy, delicious, excited and turned on.

Are you feeling these things? We hope so, otherwise, you need to do it again, and be more honest!

We can review these answers over the coming weeks and use them as a guide to creating a map to our desires, our Queendom Maps, and watch the magic unfold!

In the meantime, stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time!

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