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March 16, 2022

Golden Retriever Ponders the Impermanence of All Things

Photo by Svetozar Milashevich on Pexels.

Well, yeah, these are the same woods that I ran
In all the time, but, everything is new!
For instance, though the sticks still smell like you
When I retrieve ‘em, everything on land
Smells different. And because I’m a good dog,
When you say Sit, I sit—but you should know:
Nothin’ for really ever stops; it’s Go,
Go, Go for every animal and log
And rock and bird—they don’t stay for a minute!
That’s why I run around and sniff at stuff;
My nose is never full—never enough!
Even the creek has new stuff floating in it.
So if you’re asking, that is my advice:
You can’t retrieve sticks in the same creek twice.
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