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March 12, 2022

Name your greatness, Queens!

Lady Queens, part of self-care is naming our greatness, speaking aloud what makes us, well, US, in all of our fabulous, delicious Queenly glory. The words we use and how we relate to those words plays a role in our Queendoms.

By speaking the language of Queens, we embody that feeling of royalty, without being a diva. Words like queen, goddess, queendom, claiming your crown – these are all words we can use on a regular basis. As we all know, words are powerful, and using them wisely can be a potent practice for owning our Queenly ways.


My team and I have started calling each other queens and kings, as a more fun way of addressing each other. They call me Queen of the Asylum, which feels accurate! Even if we’re just joking with each other, by addressing each other as royalty, it helps remind us of our own regal-ness – is that a word? It is now! Our own greatness. It feels nice to be called Queen, and it serves as a reminder to be Queenly in all that I do.

The words we choose to use in our day-to-day lives carry power, and they help remind us who we are. And remembering we have choices for who we are and what we represent means we are all powerful when it comes to knowing ourselves, our bodies, and where we’re at on our path to Queendom. As we’ve said many times before, knowing our bodies is a vital part of claiming our crowns.

Knowing and loving our bodies is about being IN our bodies, moving her through dance, yoga, walking or sex (a simple orgasm alone or with a partner – as long as we writhe with pleasure! And if you need help learning how to writhe, remember: practice makes perfect) – anything that can help us stay present.  It can also create an appreciation for our beautiful, sensual, queenly vessels and everything they do for us as we imagine, create, recreate, fornicate, and manifest in our daily lives.

And let’s remember to name our greatness as often as we can – we are worth it, as we are total badass Lady Queens!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

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